Cassie ZhangIn this week’s highlight we will be profiling an important member of the Elastos Foundation. Her name is Cassie Zhang, and she works for the Foundation as a General Assistant. This highlight will go over Cassie’s educational background, work history prior to the EF, and her take on the Cyber Republic.

Cassie has an impressive educational background. She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree at Tongji University in Shanghai, China. Her focused major at University was Science and Engineering of Polymer Material. After graduation, Cassie worked at an automotive company in China called Saic Motor as a project engineer.

How did Cassie land a job with the Elastos Foundation? Well, given her experience with project management, the EF came calling for her services. Her main responsibility is serving as a liaison between the Chinese and U.S. Elastos teams. She also performs general administration for internal affairs at the Elastos U.S. Office in California along with taking on some tasks from the community.

Blockchain is a brand new space for Cassie, and she is learning something new everyday about the technology. She is always excited and happy to absorb more information about the industry in order to do her job to the best of her abilities. She’s used to working in traditional industries with conservative hierarchy and checks and balances. This is the polar opposite of how the Elastos operation is run. Elastos and the Cyber Republic always bring on decentralization and power to the community, and the office reflects this: “The management is also kind of decentralized model,” she says, “Everyone can voice out.”  Elastos is a project that takes all opinions and seeks to make the best decisions for the good of the team and community, and not for political or partisan reasons.

So what are the obstacles and challenges for Cassie in this position as a liaison between the U.S. And China offices? One word: culture. She explains that it has nothing to do with who is right or wrong; it’s the cultural difference. The U.S. Office generally has different opinions than the China office does, so how does Cassie overcome this cultural difference and achieve the most ideal communication? “Well, it is something I am still working on. But I would like to say respect always comes first before we take any decision favoring any side. What I am trying best to do is smooth the communication and make two sides understand each other–not just understand what we are doing, more the reason why we do that,” Cassie explains. Culture, communication, and collaboration are only achieved if someone like Cassie can help all sides achieve consensus and settlement.

So what’s Cassie’s take on the Cyber Republic?  Here, she explains her role as an admin for the Cyber Republic last year and the recent transformation of the CR structure: “I had been a CR admin for a short time last year. It is admin’s responsibility to communicate with the active team members, ambassadors, potential developers in order to find great ideas or projects. However, we just found out that this was never an efficient way to manage the community, and what we were doing for CR was inconsistent with the goals CR were looking for. CR is expected to be a decentralized autonomous organization, and all community members should have the chance to participate in all activities and make their contribution.” This in turn led to the creation of the Cyber Republic Suggestion system which is voted on by the community, reviewed by the Interim Council, and then voted upon for funding until the final elections of the CRC are concluded in August of this year. Cassie is extremely confident in the new template for the CR and projects for things to go smoothly throughout the calendar year.

Thanks to Cassie Zhang for taking the time out of her schedule to speak with the CR Weekly Newsletter team. Her contributions to the EF and CR are of utmost importance and we are thankful that she’s part of the very talented and motivated EF team.


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