By Jeremy G

Elaphant Wallet, often preferred wallet of the Elastos ecosystem, has created a new dApp on their platform called, “Ela Messenger.” Elaphant wallet already supports multiple tokens and chains in one simple wallet, including BTC, ERC-20, and of course ELA. Elephant wallet recently began integrating Filecoin and web3 engine into its interface.


In Ela Messenger, community members can now send each other messages with “candy” attached in the form of ELA. As stated in a tweet by CryptoName, “…transactions sent via ELA Messenger are stored on the #blockchain forever…the potential for not only business, but personnel usage, is huge.”


The ELA Messenger dApp has been in the works for almost a year now. Sjun Song and the Elaphant Wallet team made great progress with the dApp, but they did not finish their business-ready release before funding ran out from the Elastos Foundation.


Despite the lack of funding, the Elaphant Wallet team hopes to integrate carrier messages and blockchain messages that can be both real time and offline, and use ELA Messenger as a P2P and B2P type application which gives an easy interface for exchanging goods and services within ELA.



Sjun Song gives an example of a B2P transaction with Elastos ecosystem project, WeFilm, “If I want to buy a video from the WeFilm platform, I only need to send an order message to WeFilm via ELA Messenger. After it receives it, it transfers the video token to my CryptoName. There is no need for users to fill in any personal information here. All WeFilm needs to do is to transfer the video Token to that CryptoName after receiving the money from that CryptoName”.


ELA Messenger works particularly well in situations where a customer service representative speaks with a customer.


ELA Messenger can be customized by business need as well, including for a current project seeking to use it as a voting system. Support for URL links, videos, and pictures are future features.


ELA Messenger serves as a great tool and communication platform that can double as a place for exchanging goods and services. Download the ELA Messenger on Elaphant Wallet today and send some candy to a friend! 


Here’s a guide for users to link their CryptoName to the ELA Messenger dApp.

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