Elabox is your personal portal to the decentralized Smart Web.

Each Elabox will be running a full ELA node, an active Carrier node, and a DID node. By doing so, it plays an integral role in strengthening the network and allows users to have complete control of their data.

By running their own node, users do not rely on any other node to send transactions, increasing their level of security.

The Companion app helps users control their Elabox. This app includes:

  1. A Dashboard- Representing the current state of all nodes
  2. ELA Web Wallet- To send and receive ELA and view recent transactions
  3. Settings Menu- To control, restart/reset different nodes, and to reset and backup the wallet

All Elabox owners who keep their boxes active will earn passive rewards. Rewards will come from the Elabox Supernode in collaboration with the Enter Elastos SN group. The rewards are based on the modified Sword Method devised by the Enter Elastos Supernodes. Learn more about the reward structure here.

What lies ahead for this modified Raspberry Pi Smart Web portal device?

Elabox founder and CRC member, Adem Bilican, has stated that an integration of Hive++ is planned for the end of the year. HIVE++ allows users to link their DID to their data locked in their Vault. 

But what does this mean in simple terms?

Elabox is to become a data vault service for the Elastos ecosystem. Box owners can rent out their storage in what could become a large, decentralized storage network, similar to existing cloud storage services but built on a decentralized framework and Elastos.

The sky is the limit for Elabox and Elastos. Pre-order your Elabox today on Elabox.com and link up your own node to the new Smart Web. You can follow Elabox Telegram channel here.



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