ELAlliance has announced its new reward distribution program. Under the new program, ELAlliance separates its voters into two types: those that vote for more than 24 ELAlliance nodes, and those who vote for less than 24 ELAlliance nodes.

For voters who cast votes for less than 24 ELAlliance nodes, the proceeds from their voting will be handled by the individual nodes they chose. Individual nodes can decide their own reward program and promote itself as the allocation of this part of the reward is decided independently by the node. Voters can choose to vote for nodes based on their performance, reward program, and contribution to the community.

For voters who vote for 24 or more ELAlliance nodes, the proceeds from their voting will be distributed by ELAlliance according to ELAlliance’s rules.

ELAlliance believes the adjustments to the reward distribution program will provide supporters with the most attractive voting incentives and by doing so, ELAlliance can create more participation in Elastos by staking, increasing the number of ELA holders, and significantly reduce the individual node rewards controlled by ELAlliance. As any node can decide how to distribute its rewards, it encourages nodes to participate more in community activities and to contribute to the community.

For more information on the new reward distribution program, please read: http://bit.ly/2IWWBzN


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