Elastos Bi-Weekly Update Summary

By Jeremy G.

The Elastos Foundation recently came out with their bi-weekly update on April 10th. Most of the information is very technical. Kiran Pachhai, VP of Development for Elastos and member of Tuum Technologies, created a video to break down some technical developments in the Elastos ecosystem, specially with elastOS, DID, Carrier, Hive, ETH Side Chain and Elastos Wallet. 

KP mentioned that there are a few new dApps in the works for elastOS:

  • The Feeds Dapp is a Twitter-like Social Media ecosystem that will incorporate DID, Carrier, and Hive. Users can join and subscribe to various groups and channels and publish their own topics. 
  • A KYC dApp is being developed that can validate emails with the user’s DID. Once the DID is linked, 3rd party validators can then sign these credentials. 
  • In order to expand DID integration, there’s a DID Publishing dApp being created that will help support new users. 
  • There are new weekly challenges on the Elastos Academy dApp. The download count is up to 35,000 and Tuum’s focus is to get more developers to code and build using the Academy dApp. 
  • Finally there’s a chat dApp called Lobby/Guild Chat that allows everyone to chat through Carrier. 

Updates for elastOS, the portal to the Smart Web, include:

  • A Chinese translation of the platform
  • Global preference setting enhancements. 
  • Elastos users eventually will be able to share the URL to their DID on social media. Their friend can click the link, and it will take them to elastOS. 
  • While also in progress, a dApps management tool is being created specifically for developers. 
  • DID integration into elastOS is continuing to grow. Users will be able to log into elastOS with their DIDs and retrieve all attached data from their accounts. 

Other updates:

  • DID also has a new feature in which the user can save a DID Store password. This is a special password for the user’s mnemonic phrase which adds an additional layer of security. 
  • A new release for Hive in Native, Java, and Swift has been released. Hive is an interface that interacts with programs such as IPFS and One Drive. The roadmap suggests integration with DropBox as well, in the future. 
  • Carrier, the peer to peer network which manages traffic in Elastos, can now support messages less than 1 MB. 
  • ETH side chains will fully integrate the 36 DPoS Supernodes once CRC is live. In the meantime, the 12 CRC Supernodes will be producing and signing blocks. 
  • Finally, Elastos Wallet allows easier transfers of ELA to ETH Side chain.

KP will be checking back in with the community on the next Elastos Bi-weekly update. CR Press will be covering that update next time!



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