In early March, Elastos Orchard, the aspiring European business hub of Elastos and CR, posted their suggestion on It garnered a lot of attention with its ambitious goals and widespread initiative throughout Europe. The suggestion became the 3rd most popular suggestion. Now the team is going through the refining of its proposals as the Interim CR Council provided instruction to separate their plan into separate proposals. These current proposals are UNESCO conference, increasing Press and Social Media awareness, and increasing the number of Elastos Carrier Nodes and DIDs operating in Europe.

The first proposal revolves around the prestigious crypto event called UNESCO (which is different than UNESCO World Heritage). As stated in the proposal, “We propose initial funding to meet at the UNESCO conference with the core goal to align our activities. Since we will be working in multiple regions at the same time, this is necessary.” The proposed budget is $5,000. This will cover all initial meetings and business planning.

On KPIs for this proposal: “…to ensure that it is coherent, synchronised and implementable. The Orchard team will refine the strategic planning map, define the Orchard vision, Lines of Operation, determine clear Business Development processes and estimate resource requirements. It is intended to use this planning as a blueprint for other global communities.” The first proposal looks to jumpstart Elastos Orchard’s Business Development where they can meet developers, investors, and strategic partners at the UNESCO conference.

The second proposal pertains to Elastos Orchard’s plan of increasing Press and Social Media awareness throughout the European region. Stage 2 is when the Business Development will start. Here are the steps the team needs to take in order to achieve these goals: “First: A specific list of traditional & non-traditional media, with contact details, will be generated per region, this is part of the first round of funding and can be done in the first month. Second: Spotlight series & CR News will be promoted as well as the Cyber Republic website, [the] goal is to get various media and journalists interested in Cyber Republic. Third: as for the release schedule we will follow the CR news and official Elastos news. In the upcoming 3 months the release of the Ethereum sidechain will be prioritized.” The team looks to gather information, organize contacts, garner interest around the CR and promote Ethereum Side Chain. The KPIs all relate to translating CR and Elastos materials for the European community as well as building a directory of key traditional journalists and social media personalities for at least 5 countries. The budget consists of $15,000 for a 3 month period.

The third proposal relates to increasing the number of Carrier Nodes and DIDs in the European continent. There are a handful of KPIs outlined. In order to increase the region’s DIDs upwards of 15%, the team looks to cooperate with existing businesses and applications to use DID for KYC. Elastos Orchard will educate businesses on the importance of DID and how it can be utilized as opposed to centralized services like Google and Facebook. The Businesses Dapp Development KPI will be achieved by reaching out to local businesses to develop a truly decentralized dApp utilizing Carrier, DID, Hive, Trinity.

Finally, the Elastos Orchard team will seek to develop a strategic partnership with Shijiu TV to send out TV boxes into the European region. The team wants to onboard local businesses to utilize not only the TV boxes but other smart devices using the Elastos suite of tools. The budget of this proposal is $36,000 for the six regions it’s focusing on.
The first two proposals have already been accepted by the Cyber Republic Consensus. The third proposal is still under consideration. After Elastos Orchard attends the UNESCO conference in Paris with Rong Chen, the team will give an update on how it went. Congratulations to Elastos Orchard for carrying the torch forward in the European community.


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