LVCC 2nd ICT Week Celebration 2019

Elastos Philippines participated in the La Verdad Community College 2nd ICT Week that ran from February 14th to the 16th with the theme, “Computing professionals of tomorrow; promoting social good and spreading positivity to our society.”

LVCC is a private non-stock, non-sectarian educational institute in Apalit, Pampanga, the southernmost town in the province adjacent to the booming Bulacan province, and nearest Pampanga town to Metro Manila. It is among the largest campuses in the area and is affiliated with a Christian group that operates broadcast stations known for excellence in broadcast communications.

Attending the event were Senior High School students under the STEM track (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and College students taking ICT subjects. Featured were tech industry speakers, a student hackathon, computing workshops, and quiz bees on ICT subjects.

Mr. Alex Timbol was invited to speak by Mr. Romack Natividad, LVCC ICT department head due to his postings in the Pamapanga Startup FB group.

To accomodate Elastos alongside the designated blockchain technology speaker, Mr. Timbol prepared a talk on Techp

reneurships, startups, and SMEs.  His talk was sponsored by Elastos and Raemily’s Food Service of the Amadas, based in Pampanga. This ensured that Elastos’ logo was placed on slides and banners at the venue throughout the event.

Other speakers included:

  • Mr. Theo Salvado on Web Vulnerabilities and Hidden WordPress Features.
  • Mr. Jospeh Perdon on BizTalk.
  • Mr. Kennedy Rodriguez on Computer Networking.
  • Mr.Jeffret Cabrer on Android Development Backend Architecture.
  • Mr. Rolando Cruz on different views about Web Security.
  • Mr. Alex Timbol on Techpreneursip, with lessons on SMEs and Startups.
  • Mr. Julius Fresco of NEM Philippines on blockchain.
  • Mr. Nelson Ibunma on social applications of blockchain, and the GST token project.

I had lunch with NEM and the school’s ICT instructors to discuss future partnerships with LVCC and the possibility of participating in future events, including seminars and talks.

LVCC is strategic for the Southern Pampanga and Northern Bulacan area because of its large conference facilities and complementary leadership position in Communications, SMEs, and Agri-technology vis-a-vis the outward facing (export oriented) Metro Clark ICT council which encompasses Clark Freeport and Angeles City.


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