By Jeremy G

Edited by Kenneth K

Elastos Foundation developers released videos with updates regarding Elastos Carrier and DID, ETH Side Chain, and Hive++. Progress made in Q4 will bring Elastos very close to finalizing their suite of products.

Here is a summary of the discussion points:

Zhilong Tang, Elastos Carrier Lead, summarized the team’s progress. He credits Elastos Carrier as being a truly decentralized network with no central servers and end-to-end encryption. One of the best traits Carrier has to offer is the composition of decentralized peer-to-peer nodes protecting the network, which is around 200,000 nodes as of late.

Decentralized offline storage mechanisms are being developed. Push notifications are also in the works, but are not ready yet. WebRTC capabilities will be implemented into Carrier in Q4 which will enable broader data communication and video/audio features. Between all these neat features being developed, a truly autonomous network without censorship from a central authority is being born. Soon, Elastos users will be able to experience high level secure messaging. 

Speaking of messaging services, Hyper Messenger utilizes the Carrier Network in order to operate its dApp. Its IoT platform Hyper Connect also utilizes various aspects of Carrier in order to connect devices together in a home or work environment. Twitter-like Elastos dApp Feeds also has its platform based on Elastos Carrier. 

Carrier SDK has been developed for a multitude of platforms already. The following are a list of platforms that can integrate Carrier:





-Raspberry pi


The first technical preview of the Hive++ offline storage version will be released by the end of September. There will be a publicly released tech version of WebRTC for Android and iOS by end of September including data communication, audio, and video features. 

The team will continue to improve on the existing SDK’s and work on offline storage and Hive++ integration along with other tasks on the roadmap in the future.

Shunan Yu from the Gelaxy team gave a wide overview of the Elastos ecosystem. He mentioned the unique main/side chain architecture Elastos utilizes to enhance scalability. Shunan also discussed how Elastos is able to expand throughput via auxpow combined with dPoS. Elastos uses BTC hashpower to achieve immutability and strong security. Elastos has 7 BTC mining pools that produce between 50-70% the hashpower of BTC.

Alongside BTC merge mining and DPoS consensus, there’s a third tier of Consensus which is Cyber Republic Consensus or CRC. CRC elections were held in the middle of 2019 and the Council was selected. These Council members can be impeached. Anyone can track proposals they vote on. 

The token sidechain was the first sidechain to be implemented onto Elastos in 2019. DID Side Chain came next in order to establish a credential related feature with w3c compliant standards. This side chain is currently merged mined with Bitcoin. The Ethereum Side Chain is Proof of Authority (POA) which is being run by the CRC nodes. In the future, the standard DPoS will be established into the Ethereum Side Chain consensus in later Q4. NEO VM has been integrated into Elastos and is currently running on the test net. If users start to utilize the NEO network, Elastos will be flexible enough to integrate it onto Main Net.

Cross chain capabilities for the 36 active Supernodes will be implemented in the future in order to ensure that the sidechains run properly. DPoS consensus will ultimately improve the throughput and speed of cross chain transfer. The Elastos team will also look into implementing a PoW type consensus to ensure a block can be generated in future elections. In the event of high traffic in the future, CRC members will have the option to add side chains, implement node upgrades, new proposals, etc. 

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