elastOS dapp Product Showcase

Tuum Technology describes itself as “the world’s leading provider of Elastos powered solutions.” They have created an elastOS v1.1.0 Product Showcase video that gives steps on how to set up your wallet, DID, add friends, and download dApps.

CR Press has created a summary of each step. You can check out the original video here

  1. Google play “search for elastos” download elastOS
  2. Click on wallet. Set up wallet. Create password, and write down your mnemonics. Do not share these words with anyone, and have a spare copy of these words in another location that is secure. You can export your mnemonics using “Wallet Setting”.
  3. Create your DID Profile by Importing your mnemonics from the wallet
  4. Create your second DID profile using the same mnemonics
  5. To publish your DID to the blockchain, you must set your visibility preferences.
  6. Add friends using their DID and discover capsules (dapps) they have installed
  7. To discover other capsules go to getdapp.co get dapps like Academy

Thanks to Tuum Tech for the informative and concise video on elastOS.


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