Another ambitious Suggestion turned Proposal has been approved as Harry Liu (CR website lead developer) and his team are to receive funding for an ELA-ETH task force. 

The crew is set to take on matters involving Elastos and Ethereum, including the porting of ETH applications to Elastos and creating a smooth developer environment. Various open source Elastos demo applications will be provided to inspire devs and serve as a template for them to build on.

The task force will also provide technical support for CR Regions around the world, which includes the important task of reviewing development projects brought in by the teams knocking on the various CR Regions’ doors. Along with this comes the provision of technical materials and the planning of community engaging hackathons.

Suggestions are the prelude to Proposals, the best or most popular ideas can be picked up by council members and turned into Proposals for voting consideration.

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In the Proposal the team went more into detail describing plans to: 

Create a Full Elastos Demo DApp Development Tutorial for JS Developers
Which will come with a dedicated website for JS developers ( and a dApp demo and tutorial to kick things off with. The tutorial will include development using the ETH Sidechain, Elastos Hive, Carrier and the Elastos APIs.

Create Workshops, Hackathons and Courses for Elastos CR Regions
The team plans to have trial training workshops in Hong Kong, Singapore and India to attract developers.

Another goal listed is the creation of a multisession course on Elastos ETH dApp development.

Begin Porting Aragon to Elastos and as an MVP
“It is hoped that as this platform is trialed and improved, other CR Regions can also start using this platform to run their communities in a decentralized manner befitting the Cyber Republic vision. Eventually the lessons and experience gained from this project can be used to improve the Cyber Republic Consensus that the Elastos Core Team is building.”

Train Blockchain Developers in Elastos and Grow the Team
With a target of recruiting at least 25 talented devs.

Market Research and Business Development into other DApps and Pitching them to Port to Elastos
The task force is also looking to identify and guide projects into the Elastos ecosystem, which already includes five projects to start porting in August and ten more in September!

Listed as initial team members are lead blockchain engineer Harry Liu, three blockchain devs, and three business development specialists of which one is also a market researcher.

“Clarence Liu, the Elastos VP of developer has agreed to step in as an interim project manager while we search for one. As an experienced software engineer he is also open to helping with development and BD as necessary.”

In short, the task force is looking to bring more projects, developers and opportunities to the Elastos ecosystem by providing support on various important fronts.

Click here to learn more about the Elastos ETH taskforce.

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