Elastos-ETH Task Force: Phase 2 Proposal

By Jeremy

The ETH Task Force is a coalition created to port existing Ethereum dApps into the Elastos ecosystem. The second phase of the ETH Task force has officially been proposed on the CR website. The Proposal contains four main goals: create a block explorer for the mainnet, port existing popular ETH dApps into the Elastos ecosystem, build an elaeth.io website, and increase infrastructure tools and services.

There is a growing need in the community for a mainnet block explorer. Developers will be able to view transactions and block details in real time. They can also verify and publish their contract code in order to fast track their development.

The second goal is to port popular existing Ethereum dApps to the ELA-ETH side chain. One project being targeted is ENS. ENS (Ethereum Name Service) is a dApp that allows users to name their wallet addresses and create ETH domain names. ETH Task Force already has a head start from the last phase and will finish porting as part of this Proposal. 

The third goal of the Proposal is to build an elaeth.io website. Currently the webpage displays all the services of the sidechain such as wallet and explorer. The ETH Task Force will look to create an official homepage for the website that shows what the team is doing, along with instruction material on Elastos and sidechains and links to services. 

The fourth goal of Phase 2 is to increase the amount of infrastructure tools and services for developers. One of the main points of focus will be to develop an Oracle service to connect the real world with the blockchain. The ETH Task Force will also look to implement SDKs in order to make wallet integration better in dApps. 

Harry Liu of the ETH Task Force details the specifics of implementing each of these four goals in the Proposal for the community to review. The budget has 85% of funds allocated to development and 15% towards business development. The total ELA amount requested for the past 2 months and future development is 35,384 ELA. 

You can check out ETH Task Force’s progress in the first phase here. Phase 2 of the ETH Task Force is under Council consideration at this time. 


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