As the name may have given away, Elastos Forest Node’s philosophy and mission statement centers directly on climate change and deforestation. The men behind this noble node care a great deal about making a difference in the global climate crisis, and they are planting trees for the cause.

EFN is a proud ambassador of WeForest and their members represent their country, the Netherlands, in the foundation. The team is made up of two brothers, Michael and Giel, whose mission is to fight climate change and plant a million trees by 2025 (currently standing at 39,000 trees), and Dori van Hulst. She’s a data scientist, skilled in data forecasting and very excited to help with the Elastos Forest initiative.

Currently the EFN members spend time training people and giving public talks on deforestation. They are also considering doing work in ocean cleanup and wildlife preservation in the future. But aside from their plans to plant trees, the team is preparing the groundwork needed to take on the business end of Elastos Technology. They are ready to set up meetings in both corporate and university settings once Elastos’ technology is fully mature. 

Elastos Forest Node has a deep commitment to contributing to the Elastos and CR ecosystems, and they have already had a meeting with the CEO of European cryptocurrency broker Anycoin Direct to pitch the ELA token for listing on their exchange (EFN is still waiting to hear back from the broker).

EFN is also committed to countering the indirect impact of Bitcoin’s high energy cost on our environment with proactive, real-world strategies. The dynamic trio believes that the path forward for Bitcoin is to have other blockchain projects, such as Elastos, to take advantage of all of Bitcoin’s hashpower while not committing any additional energy and resources to the environment. The team is convinced merged-mining should be something incorporated with more blockchain projects in order to expand Bitcoin’s hash power throughout many ecosystems.

Currently, EFN is ranked around the 30th spot in the supernode list. Just a few spots away from being an active node in the Elastos DPoS system. In supporting EFN with your vote, you are directly helping them with their contribution to saving our environment.

EFN is currently giving all their DPoS rewards to the voters after paying 5% to CR Press and expenses. In the month(s) afterwards, the structure will be as follows: 

  • 60% to voters [distributed monthly]
  • 25% for ecological development (WeForest Projects, tree funding) [quarterly]
  • 10% to EFN members [monthly]
  • 5% to CR Press

Each voter will need to cast their vote for the entire month in order to receive rewards.

The reward structure is subject to change if deemed necessary. This will of course be communicated through EFN’s social media outlets.  Elastos Forest Node is currently looking into increasing voter rewards as the node receives more votes.

We thank the Elastos Forest Node for doing their part in helping the Earth and for supporting the Cyber Republic Press Team with their “Keep” level sponsorship.


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