By Jeremy G

A couple of weeks ago, the Elastos Foundation (EF) held an AMA for the community. Rong Chen, Clarence Liu, and others participated. Here is a summary:

  • ETH Task Force is on their final task with ENS (Ethereum Name Service). DeFi will be seen as a high priority for the team. Check out the project development progress here
  • Jimmy Lipham is presently not involved. The community appreciates all of his enthusiasm for Elastos. 
  • Once CRC Elections are over, Elastos Founder, Rong Chen, plans to closely advise EF engineers on the development of the Smart Web. 
  • On CRC–completion of elections are delayed two months due to the Coronavirus and other circumstances. EF is focusing on the code to firmly establish self-governance for the community from day one.
  • Titan Network has seen a boost in usage since the quarantine. In the past, Elastos has experimented using 100,000 satellite boxes with Titan. Rong sees value in Titan’s ability to leverage off-peak bandwidth for a number of purposes, including video storage. However, since Titan is still centralized, Rong and the EF are looking for the most effective way to integrate Elastos. 

  • Hive++ is, according to Rong Chen, “a powerful upgrade that will allow for more advanced features and play an integral role in the Elastos ecosystem.” Once Hive++ is fully implemented, a CDN project like Titan can be easily integrated as a service provider. Progress on Hive++ is moving rapidly without any major roadblocks.
  • Rong spoke about first meeting Feng Han at a Tsinghua University alumni dinner in Shanghai, back in 2013. This rendezvous sparked the beginning of the EF in 2017.
  • Efforts to bring back Elastos Ambassador programs and CR 100 dApp funding will not be pursued at this time as focus is on the CRC election process. Those voted in will decide on funding Elastos dApps and projects. 
  • Another priority for the EF is elastOS Android/iOS mobile platforms. While EF will maintain the desktop Web Wallet, most efforts will go to elastOS. Community members are encouraged to like and comment on a suggestion for desktop updates.
  • Rong unveiled goals and predictions for Elastos Smart Web: “Our plan is to have 20,000 active daily users on the Smartweb, including Hyper.IM, elastOS, etc., by the end of August to demonstrate real world use case scenarios. By that time, CRC should be autonomously running for two months already.” There will be “20,000 users who would like to read accountable news and chat without being watched, even if the apps are still buggy”. Rong hopes the Smart Web can one day support banking and exchange sidechains.

In addition to this AMA, a Q&A was posted on this article of Rong Chen back on March 30th in the Elastos Telegram. Rong mentioned that startups have contacted him about helping do business with government agencies and state run businesses. He also hinted that some big players could be 4k streaming using Elastos this year. 

With a year and a half left in funding, Rong is most excited about “main-stream apps, including chat such as, microwebsites (blogs) such as Elastos Feeds within elastOS, and maybe some smart-home apps such as video on demand. Plus, niche market apps such as GreenPass, Starwire, etc”. Other dApps from Elephant Wallet and Enter Elastos Fund My dApp competition like ELA note and Devault continue to gain popularity in the community.

Rong ultimately believes that Elastos separates itself from other block chain projects. “The difference is that a blockchain has limited capabilities, so regardless of its number of TPS, it’s NOT scalable. Verizon being a carrier (network) could have unlimited number of users, in theory. That’s the difference between a computer and a network computer. 

“Yes, in theory, Elastos could have unlimited amounts of users for computing needs, to handle their data, social, and business demands.” Elastos is a network OS type project that’s built for scalability while incorporating the trust of the blockchain. These advantages will incentivize users to choose the elastOS platform over others. 

Rong Chen still believes that Elastos Consensus is well implemented. “You could think of CRC being democracy on rails. Launching it is just the beginning. I also see the model being applied to side chains, guilds, many service areas such as P2P finance, MakerDao, and DeFi, are also starting points.” 

Rong Chen and others answered more questions throughout the AMA.  Don’t forget to read the full version.

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