Elastos Updates

This is a summary of all the new things taking place with Elastos.

Elastos Hive:

On the 19th of April 2020, Elastos Hive went live. Elastos Hive is a Decentralized File Storage Service that provides decentralized storage capabilities to Apps. This means no centralized entities such as Google or Amazon have control or a hoard of your data. 

Hive Cluster uses IPFS and IPFS-cluster as the base infrastructure to save Elastos data.

“IPFS Cluster is a distributed application that works as a sidecar to IPFS peers, maintaining a global cluster pinset and intelligently allocating its items to the IPFS peers.”


Developers building on Elastos will have the option of using this form of decentralized application data storage to increase and maintain the sovereignty of their applications.  Hive Cluster is also a stand-alone application like IPFS Cluster.

However, Elastos Hive is low resource consumption. The typical IPFS peer is a resource-hungry program and if you install IPFS daemon to your mobile device, it will consume resources and slow down your device. Elastos Hive, which uses IPFS Cluster as the Elastos App storage backend, can be used with low resources.

If you’re wondering what all this is, in normal-people terms, watch out for an upcoming video from CR Press and Famous Amos that breaks this down

NY Blockchain Week Hackathon:

Elastos is sponsoring the NY Blockchain Week Hackathon hosted by @gitcoin in collab with 

@EtherealSummit and @CoinDesk. Look for the official Elastos challenge, including $ELA prizes on this account, and soon, the Elastos github page. For more information on this Hackathon, their website states:

“In partnership with Consensus 2020 and the Ethereal Summit, Gitcoin is proud to be hosting the New York Blockchain Week Virtual Hackathon. Hackers will be encouraged to attend Ethereal and Consensus talks. Conference attendees will be encouraged to hack. We can all learn & earn together.

“The goal of this hackathon is to come together as a global community, to help build the future of Web3, and support social issues that impact us all. We will also be running a charitable fundraising effort in conjunction with the hackathon. Stay tuned!”

Elastos, alongside Stellar as well as Ethereum Classic Labs, is proudly displayed. Teams or individuals have two weeks to build projects in the Blockchain and Web3 ecosystem.


Greenpass is in direct relation to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. Covid-19 began in China, spreading through the Wuhan province into the rest of the world, and this has become a worldwide public health threat. China has refined their methods of determining if an individual is allowed to pass through a quarantined area based on two factors:

Measuring body temperature at all entries and exits.

Determining whether the individual has been in an infected area in the past 14 days.

Greenpass shows:

Regular status checks as positive or negative.

Regular body temperature checks with values and range.

Travel data of the past 14 days; have they been in certain areas?

Founding Team AMA:

A new AMA with the founding team of Elastos was released on the official Elastos website.  You can read it here:


If you would rather not read the entire AMA, watch out for CR Press’ TLDR version of the AMA, coming soon.


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