Elections Have Begun!

Welcome to one of the most exciting weeks in the Cyber Republic’s history.  Voting commenced on Friday, April 19th, 2019, and DPoS Supernode Candidates can now register their nodes.

These events officially mark the beginning of DPoS Elections.

It’s important to mention that this round of elections will probably go on for at least a month. Once the first round of election finalizes in a few weeks, DPoS Nodes will begin fulfilling their duties in confirming blocks from miners and voters will begin receiving rewards from their voted-in Supernodes.

If you’re not caught up, this update will bring you up to speed about the new mobile Elastos Wallet and how you can use it to vote and register nodes.

There’s a brand new wallet just released onto iOS and Android simply named, “The Elastos Wallet”. Here’s an excerpt about the new wallet from KP: “This is a type of  SPV (Simple Payment Verification) wallet, so it’s decentralized and open source. Both the Elastos wallet and previous iteration of this SPV wallet (which was only released for android via github) use the same backend infrastructure, however, the UI for Elastos Wallet is more consumer friendly and provides more features meant for direct use by consumers. This is the official wallet dedicated only to ELA. In the future, if there are any new features that are supported by the Elastos blockchain, this wallet will be the first one to receive updates…”

In other words, the EF’s time and resources will go to this new Elastos Wallet first.  Other ELA wallets such as the elephant wallet can integrate features of registration and voting if they so choose as the code is open source.  As for one of the most common question about ledger integration and voting through ledger? It’s possible and discussions are underway with the already submitted Coranos ledger integration, but it ends up being up to community contributors.

KP has also given a grand Youtube tour of the Elastos Wallet, creating a delegates list out of a pool of supernode candidates and voting for them with his Testnet ELA. KP also shows how to register for a Supernode by filling out the following categories: Node Name, Public Key for Node, Node Country and the Node’s URL/Website. Once this is filled out, anyone can register for the elections.  Check out the whole video here:


The latest article about what stage Elastos is in of DPoS Consensus development is here: https://news.elastos.org/dpos-phase-3-complete-election-and-voting-commence-on-new-elastos-wallet/

Every member of the CR Community should be downloading the new Elastos Wallet and participating in elections. Here are the links to get started:

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/elastos-wallet/id1453348077?mt=8

Android: https://download.elastos.org/app/elastoswallet/elastos_wallet.apk

KP has provided some additional important information about the Supernode Elections:

  1. You can already register for a supernode without setting up your supernode.
  2. The instructional video, “How to Run a Supernode,” will be released in the near future. It presents an example demonstration and actual configurations may vary when setting up your own supernode.
  3. At the moment, community elected supernodes will not take part in the DPoS consensus of the Elastos Blockchain; only the 12 CRC supernodes are currently contributing to DPoS consensus.
  4. Community elected DPoS supernodes will take part in consensus after phase 5 is complete.
  5. You can link your node public key to your wallet public key when setting up a supernode. Consequently, it does not matter if you setup a supernode now or in the near future. This is why you can already register and vote for a supernode.
  6. The first round of elections will be complete after Phase 5 is complete. After that, each round will occur every 36 blocks, at approximately 72 minute intervals.
  7. The first round of elections will span a few weeks. As such, there is plenty of time to setup a supernode and begin receiving votes.
  8. The new wallet will have multi-sig capabilities in the near future.
  9. If you have an existing 12 word mnemonic phrase registered at wallet.elastos.org, you can use them to import onto the new wallet.  However, the synchronization time may be longer. Hence, it’s recommended that you create a new 12 word mnemonic phrase on the new wallet if you want your synchronization time to be faster. This is only a recommendation. The 12 word mnemonic phrase registered on this new mobile wallet cannot be used to import your wallet onto wallet.elastos.org.
  10. Web wallet at wallet.elastos.org is an HD wallet and thus has multiple addresses associated with the same mnemonic phrase so when you import the 12 word mnemonic of web wallet on the new mobile wallet, make sure the box “Single-address” is unchecked.
  11. Elephant wallet is a single address wallet so when you import the 12 word mnemonic of elephant wallet on the new mobile wallet, make sure the box “Single-address” is checked.
  12. The new mnemonics created on the new mobile wallet will not work on web wallet.

Though there isn’t an exact timeline on multi-sig capabilities for the new Elastos Wallet, it will likely be implemented soon.

Lastly, there’s been a website set up to track Supernode Candidates https://elanodes.com. The Starfish Node, interviewed at the end of this Weekly Update, built the website to help voters find and quickly compare between Supernode Candidates.  Our news team has long had a medium series to easily browse the supernode candidates: https://medium.com/series/supernodes-39936b014bc0 and The Wild Strawberry Nodes has created a subreddit for ELA Supernodes: https://www.reddit.com/r/Elastos_SuperNodes

Additionally, our team has a big surprise to share with the community that you’ll have to read on for.


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