FundMyDapp, a competition run by Elephant Wallet and Enter Elastos Supernodes, has completed its first round of dApp submissions.

The top 3 winners of the 1st round will win 1500 ELA to fund their dApp into a MVP phase. Elastos community members can vote for their favorite dApp here. In order to vote, please remember to set up your username and email on the Elephant Wallet dApp website. If you haven’t downloaded the Elephant Wallet yet, please do so here

Votes will be cast by Thursday, October 31st at 4 P.M. GMT. All voters are entitled to a share of a red packet for participating. The amount of ELA will be determined by how many votes are cast. For every 100 votes, there will be 10 ELA added to the red packet. A maximum of 100 ELA will be distributed, and only voters will be able to claim a share of the red packet. 

The following is a list of competing dApps in the first round of FundMyDapp:

  • Coin Flip Game using the ETH Side Chain by Henry
  • Tracing System for the Wine Industry using the Elastos Blockchain by Lang Guanyu
  • 3GEN Decentralized 2FA using DID, ETH Side Chain and Hive by John M
  • Material Traceability System using Elastos Blockchain and ETH Side Chain by Daniel
  • DVault Blockchain Passphrase Manager using Elastos Hive and DID by Driftersince89
  • Starwire: Smart Contracts Assign Profits for Copyright using ETH Side Chain by Garnet
  • Tree Planting Game using ETH Side Chain by Harry
  • Number Guessing Game using ETH Side Chain by ZHH
  • Arcade: Platform to challenge your friends using all Core Elastos Services by jmsaulnier
  • Cafe: Platform for building local communities using all Core Elastos Services by jmsaulnier
  • Chic: Exclusive Social Network using all Core Elastos Services by jmsaulnier

Round 2 of the FundMyDapp contest has already started. DApp submissions will be open until November 19th. You can submit your dApp submissions here on the Elephant Wallet dApp website. If you’re not a developer, but have a great idea for a dApp, submit your idea here; if a team chooses to work on it, you will earn 50 ELA for your efforts.

Thanks to all members of the Elastos community for participating in the Elephant Wallet/Enter Elastos FundMyDapp competition. The FundMyDapp contest looks to foster growth for Elastos in the burgeoning decentralized application space. CR Press wishes the best of luck to all contestants!


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