FundMyDapp Round 2 Voting Begins

By Jeremy

Round 2 of Elephant Wallet and Enter Elastos’ FundMyDapp competition has concluded.

All community members are encouraged to vote for their three favorite dApps. The top three submissions will receive 1500 ELA towards an MVP version of their dApps. 

Each voter will need to have at least 10 ELA in their Elephant wallet in order to vote. Click here to cast your vote. All participating voters instantly receive a red packet after their vote is cast. For every 100 voters, there will be 10 ELA distributed in red packets; there is up to 100 ELA available with 1000 voters. The voter with the red packet containing the least ELA will receive a bonus 10 ELA. 

Votes will be cast by 12/1 4:00 A.M GMT Time. If you haven’t downloaded the Elephant Wallet, please go to their official homepage with iOS and Android links here

Here are the thirteen dApps involved in the second round of the FundMyDapp contest:

Round 3 of the FundMyDapp competition is now open. Submissions will be accepted until 12/20/19. All interested teams can submit their dApp proposal here. If you’re not a developer but have an interesting idea, please submit your ideas here for a chance to earn 50 ELA. Check out the Enter Elastos website to learn more about the FundMyDapp competition.

We’d like to thank all the contestants and voters involved in the Elephant Wallet and Enter Elastos FundMyDapp competition. The community believes this competition will help build the foundation of new and adaptable decentralized applications that will be used in the future. Good luck to all the dApp teams in Round 2. Let’s get those votes in!


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