GreenPass: Released By Elastos DMA

An application was released by the Elastos DMA team: Greenpass.

Elastos DMA is the decentralized marketing framework in the Elastos ecosystem. CR Press has covered their past releases, Choosit and Uptick, apps useful for shopping, merchandising, and ticketing purposes.

This new release is related to COVID-19.

The world’s economy has been put on hold as governments all over the globe attempt to figure out what the next best steps are. COVID-19 can have an incubation period of more than 10 days, making it incredibly hard to fight.

As COVID-19 began in the Wuhan province of China, China has refined their methods of determining if an individual is allowed to pass through a quarantined area based on two factors:

  1. Measuring body temperature at all entries and exits.
  2. Determining whether the individual has been in an infected area in the past 14 days.

In an article produced by Jeremy G., it states:

“As a guard or administrator asks ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions to each citizen, mistakes can be made through human error, and, perhaps more importantly, infection can spread just by having individuals too close to one another during the process of entering or exiting public spaces. 

“Greenpass creates a system to give every human being in their respective countries a dynamic pass that continually tracks an individual’s health under strict privacy options. Greenpass can eventually be interoperable between different cities, states, and countries. For example, if you tested negative in the U.K., you should be free to travel to the States by presenting your credentials recorded on the blockchain.”

Greenpass shows:

  • Regular status checks as positive or negative.
  • Regular body temperature checks with values and range.
  • Travel data of the past 14 days; have they been in certain areas?

An example of Greenpass in use would be:

“The guard or administrator can simply check to see if certain conditions are met. If safe, there will be a green pass QR Code. If not, a yellow and red pass will pop up. The guard scans the QR code on the person’s dApp and records it on the blockchain.”

It’s quite simple, but there are more utilities that the app provides. 

“An appointment service feature exists on the dApp which allows the citizen to let a guard/administrator know in advance they will be coming to a certain location. This allows a more seamless, streamlined process that reduces contact risk. All the data points will be connected with Elastos DID.”

If “invasion of privacy” alarms are going off, remember, Elastos is all about owning your own data. DMA states there will be an incentive program for all participants in order to encourage daily usage. Greenpass allows its users to protect their own data and give permission for use/analysis. 

Meanwhile, the Alipay’s platform takes the user’s data without permission and uses it aggressively.

If you’d like to get your hands on Greenpass, feel free to hop into the telegram or download it directly from the apple store.


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