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In rapid response to the Coronavirus, Brian Xin and the DMA/Leo team created GreenPass. Individuals, businesses, and governments can use the tools in GreenPass to improve health safety standards. Each and every user owns their own data as a private and protected asset. GreenPass has had quick developments over the past several weeks. A new partnership emerged, new features have been added, and more. 

First, let’s review what GreenPass is trying to achieve and the suite of services it provides. 

GreenPass strives to combat the coronavirus as an answer to these questions:

  • How can we reduce the spread of the pandemic?
  • How can we dynamically and systematically record and manage data?
  • How can we ensure that stored data is secure and trusted?
  • How can we help businesses reopen and keep everybody as safe as possible?

How can we respect individual rights to privacy and protect personal health data, and yet enable collective solutions?

The GreenPass dApp is easy to use and provides accuracy, traceability, and reliability of user data. This data is protected by Elastos core technology. Some neat features include:

-Easy to read health status via QR code

-Multiple methods of data entry and collection

-Data security through digital ledger technology 

-Location data and contact tracing capabilities

-Calendar and appointment scheduling services

GreenPass can be used in a multiple of ways. Individuals can directly use the GreenPass app. Developers can create a white label solution and build their own app. GreenPass also includes open API integration enabling GP functionality in other apps. GreenPass strives to be an open source ecosystem to partners and the general public.

There are more than a handful of use cases GreenPass addresses for everyday society:

  1. Daily Status Tracking 
  2. Mall & Community Access Management 
  3. School Campus and Classroom Health Appointment/Access
  4. Business Office Access/Appointment/Management
  5. Medical Facility Access Management 
  6. Merchant Appointments 
  7. Friendly Gatherings 
  8. Nursing Home/Senior/Visitor Management

GreenPass binds together multiple industries and individuals around the world on one easy-to-use platform.

Recently, GreenPass incorporated the GreenPass functionality into the Metro App. As explained in a DMA Medium post, “Metro’s use case is not primarily geared towards any metro company in particular, but it is focused on helping passengers spend quality time during the trip with incentives. It is more like a companion app for metro passengers and it has a user-oriented approach. The China City Transportation Association is now making a mobile payment standard for all city metro ticketing services, such as QR code validation processes. Which, of course, will be available to Metro once available. Currently, there are 500,000 users using this application in their daily life. The number is growing quickly.”

Integration was executed via GreenPass API. Metro is GreenPass’s first partner incorporating their API into an app. Metro will use GP tech in efforts to follow health code.


GreenPass is adding bluetooth functionality with thermometers. Data capture will now become much more accurate and seamless. Other smart devices will be added in the future. The team is also adding virtual group functions for the app to go viral in the community. Step-by-step, DMA/LEO team is developing GreenPass as the leading decentralized health data management dApp. It will be an essential part of the coming LEO platform – the data capitalization platform for the Privatized Internet of Wealth vision.  

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