Guest contribution by HyperConnect

Meeting Feng Han in person has been a very exciting event for us, and we were honored to have him visit our office in Vienna. 

We began the day with a walk around the office, telling Feng about how we got involved with Elastos, and taking the time to give him some insight into our backgrounds, experiences, and what we thought would happen with the smart-web platform in the near future. It was really exciting to discuss the possibilities of Elastos.


Following the initial conversation, we gave a set of short presentations to introduce our company, our vision, and our current projects: HyperConnect, MySmartHome, and Hyper Messenger.

During our break, we went to stretch our legs at the Alte Donau (Old Danube), a sidearm of the Danube river in which Mr. Han enjoyed a quick swim.

We regrouped on the top floor (57th) of our office building, and enjoyed an amazing lunch where Anders Alm from Cyber Republic presented an interesting blockchain project–one worth keeping a close eye on–Green Concept.

Green Concept is an innovative initiative by Dao Makers (a launchpad for blockchain projects) in partnership with the largest privately-owned island in Thailand, Koh Mak: a beautiful paradise island the size of Monaco, with 100k yearly visitors, 450 residents and 80+ local businesses and hotels operating year-round. 

The team behind Green Concept is preparing to launch a blockchain infrastructure to help locals improve the sustainability of the island, while the island itself is leveraged as a sandbox and a testing ground for other blockchain projects and communities. Dao Makers will release more information about this and other projects. 

It was especially thrilling to see Mr. Han’s eyes open…perhaps there is a collaboration with Elastos and Green Concept on the horizon? “Who knows, maybe we could see Elastos as a first real use-case that we can then extend to cover the rest of the world,” Anders said. “If we can make Elastos work on the island, it will work pretty much everywhere. Be it Uptick for boat tickets or something much bigger like moving the local economy to a digital one with Carrier access everywhere, hyperconnected IoT devices, and a currency to match.”

Anders also shared that the island and its infrastructure is ready to start. Dao Makers will announce a launch very soon. We will follow this project closely.

The conversation moved to the topic of the scheduled shift of tasks and development from the Elastos Foundation to Cyber Republic. From our point of view, the Elastos Foundation has gathered experienced and talented developers with a vast amount of knowledge, and now the EF is counting on them to continue development after the foundation disbands, without solid commitment.

Han, though, truly believes that current Elastos Foundation members will form community teams, and run supernodes or request funding from Cyber Republic through Proposals to continue their operations. This approach would allow for ongoing development of the project, while governed in a decentralized manner through Cyber Republic. 

The benefit of this process is that the Elastos Foundation will already have created the core, a solid base for the Elastos project, and the community will have the power to pick the directions the project should take from there.


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