While the foundation for the CR’s infrastructure continues to evolve, the community has continued to create new content. Chris Parker in particular has sparked great conversation about the Elastos landscape as of late.  He’s a freelance audio engineer with a degree in journalism, and he’s been writing like a fiend lately:

In Parker’s piece, “Elastos: The Flexible Fortress of the dApp World”- (https://medium.com/@chrisparkercrypto/elastos-the-flexible-fortress-of-the-dapp-world-7f180f6d2de)  he illustrates the differences between apps and dApps, ETH vs ELA dApps, and then he makes his case for Elastos being the secure, safe, and trusted OS of the future. Ultimately, the biggest differentiation Elastos has over the rest of the competition is in its decentralized carrier. As internet traffic is traditionally routed through centralized servers, including Ethereum and most blockchain projects, with Elastos, traffic is secured in a sandboxed environment with a fully decentralized carrier network, making it nearly impossible to intercept data packets or be prone to any DDOS middle-man attacks.  This is a huge selling point for Elastos.

Chris also conducted a thorough interview with Brian Xin, founder of Elastos DMA.  We’ve included a shortened version at the end of this weekly update at the end, but if you want to start the read now, you can find the entire, exciting piece here:

Next, Chris has just released a new article called, “Money is in our DMA,” where he discusses the evolution of money, and how secure and verifiable digital assets are the future.  DMA is the execution layer of the Elastos promise: https://medium.com/@elastosdma/6ea645127528

Lastly, Chris has pushed community discussions, creating a post seeking dApp ideas on the CR Forum (https://forum.cyberrepublic.org/t/dapp-idea-thread/342/8).  His personal idea is to have a live auction for scarce, limited edition digital items that automatically pays the content creator and transfers the DID to the winner. Others have shared ideas such as mobile photo backup dApps, task creator and betting sites, and more. As Clarence states at the end of the thread, these ideas can be submitted to the Suggestions section of CyberRepublic.com, and these visions can become real.


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