The main concept for Elastos and the Cyber Republic is to “own your own data”. DMA (Decentralized Marketing) is an Elastos service that provides a platform for marketing and commerce. DMA gives developers customizable modules in which to monetize their respective businesses. This digital asset/services arena allows its users to truly own their own data and sell it whenever they want. Imagine a world in which the users and the merchants don’t have to rely on a middle man and each can earn more on each transaction. The two primary markets DMA is targeting first are E-Tickets and Digital Copyrighted Content. Let’s dive deep into each category!

Coming January 31st, DMA is demoing a new E-Ticketing dapp. This demo will demonstrate the functionality of the DMA service along with providing modules for businesses and developers to use in order to make more money. Venues and people can generate their own e-tickets and sell them in an online store. The main areas of focus are entertainment and sporting events. There will be a marketplace to buy and sell tickets and users can gift these e-tickets to friends and family. In February and March, DMA will be marketing this E-Ticketing Dapp to the community and business partners in pursuit of developing real business dapps that get adopted.

The second main realm DMA is tackling is Digital Copyrighted Content. DMA has an Internal IPFS environment ready to house assets on the network – Digital content like e-books, music, photos, and docs will be managed by DMA and will have sophisticated smart contracts defining rights and profit distribution mechanisms. DMA will be a place where users can buy, sell, and trade various digital assets without having to deal with that pricey middle man.  Future areas of focus for the DMA ecosystem is Digital Advertising and Social Commerce.

Along with Asset Management, Data Management is the second largest piece of the DMA Infrastructure. Ultimately, each user will have a profile that consists of data they can monetize. Modules such as the pulser and appraiser give the user the information and valuation of the data in their profile. Each user can then determine whether they wants to sell their data. DMA is concentrating on the Asset side first but the Data aspect of the operation is paramount; a proper data management module will be in the works sometime in Q2. DMA will be providing the public with an estimated timeline of DMA 2.0 (which focuses more on the data side) in February.

Currently, DMA is using the Ethereum chain to manage its ERC-20 and ERC-721 assets (fungible and non-fungible coins). Once DMA is compatible with Elastos’ Ethereum Side Chain in March, they will evaluate it and switch to it. The native token is called “DMA” and can be used to buy things and pay transaction costs. The team is still devising the tokenomics of the ecosystem and will provide more details soon.

January 31st is when the E-Ticketing Dapp is to be presented, along with DMA 1.0 beta. Demo and documentation will be provided. The DMA 1.0 beta includes tokenized asset management, asset exchange protocol, store, marketplace, asset wallet, user profile (DID), etc. These are the components that DApp developers can use to build asset management related DApps. Brian from DMA remains confident that the E-Ticketing Dapp will be fully operating by 3/15, as stated in the roadmap.

DMA is adding another amazing cog to the Elastos and Cyber Republic ecosystem. It will provide another level of value to B to C and C to C daily commerce. Vendors get more money and consumers pay less for their goods and services–just another revolutionary community-driven project housed in the great place we call the Cyber Republic.


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