One of the most active CR projects, DMA, has just come out with their most recent team update.  For those who don’t know anything about the project, DMA is built on the Elastos framework and focuses on the decentralized digital marketplace; it is a business commerce domain. There are multiple layers to the project with a lot of different use-cases. We’ve covered DMA in previous editions.

DMA has provided updates on their Early Access Program, Phase II Plan, Uptick e-ticketing dApp, Translation tools, and their Metro dApp.

Just under a month ago, DMA came out with their Early Access Program (EAP)

They are picking three to five community-driven projects and they will provide these projects technical support.  The EAP hopes to get DMA business development in local regions, but the submissions should focus on current tokenized asset management areas such as: event tickets, vouchers, gift cards, and various other digital rights.

The submissions can be related to any opportunities related to copyrighted digital content, data driven advertising, and targeted marketing, which is the focus of DMA 2.0. Typical use-cases for DMA 2.0 will be music, video, artwork, video games, data asset management, etc.

DMA has received 20 inquires, mostly from the Chinese community. Most participants have shown interest in Community Operation and dApp development. DMA will support some of those inquiries, as stated by the team: “…we have decided to provide limited support to several dApp projects. They will cover event tickets, gift cards, vouchers, etc. The final dApp list will be posted by the end of the month. The first round of dApp partners includes ‘Uptick’ team, and several Elastos eco-system teams.” DMA is very pleased by its interest in the Chinese and Asian markets along with the progression of the English community is expanding at a good rate.

DMA has outlined their roadmap for Phase II of DMA, which covers February through July 2019. The team says that, “The goal is to deliver a stable DMA platform and support several useful dApps before Elastos’ second anniversary in August, 2019.” The following are highlights of what Phase II of the DMA framework will be:

  • Build iOS SDK
  • Enhance payment module
  • Build DMA economy model
  • Integrate with Carrier and build message service module
  • Integrate with ETH sidechain and Hive
  • Release stable DMA 1.0 SDKs (Android and iOS)
  • Build personal data management modules and release DMA 1.5 Beta
  • Community and tech support
  • Community development
  • Business development

DMA’s most current dApp is called Uptick. It’s an E-ticketing dApp that contains multiple modules for businesses to utilize in their respective jurisdictions. It was just released March 13th.

There have been updates to the platform as well that include usability enhancements, bug fixes, and refined language. The Uptick app now automatically updates to the newest version.  They are working on making Uptick ready for commercial operation.

There are a few steps that need to be taken in order to make Uptick a commercialized product, as Brian from DMA explains, “There are a lot of functions still missing in this dApp if we take it to commercial operation level. For example, social sharing, referral program, fiat payment, etc. Uptick is derived from the original demo Elastos ticket dApp which is mainly for demonstrating the functionality of DMA framework. The commercial version is not part of the DMA platform project scope. In order to continue it to commercial operation level, Uptick team (currently inside StarryMedia) is funding this project by itself and also seeking other funding sources. The commercial version also requires iOS support.”

The team is confident they will get the proper support and funding in order to commercialize the Uptick platform. Uptick will increase earnings for businesses without the use of a 3rd party and will decrease the ticket prices for consumers, a win-win for both sides.

DMA has also come out with a web translation tool for the Uptick dApp. This will help adoption in multiple countries and cultures. It is a generic tool that also be available to any other dapps that need multiple language translation support. The team plans to continue to polish the tool, and they will share it with the community as soon as possible.

DMA would like to thank the following contributors for their hard work in translating in various languages:

English: Chris P

Dutch: Dexter, Murph

German: Godzilla, Gandhi

French: omoemm, Diego

Spanish: jmsaulnier

Italian: Fill Luca

Arabic: A G, Chinicci

Another intriguing dapp in the DMA suite is called Metro app. As stated in this DMA article:

“The Metro app provides mapping, searching, routing, news, social elements, games, coupons, and shopping services to the end users. It covers all cities that have metro lines in China. We have a wallet embedded into the Metro app which stores the ‘points’ that users earn through riding the metro and shopping within the app/surrounding merchants. It also rewards people for watching ads in the app/metro stations. The points are given in crypto format.”

Metro app already boasts more than 500,000 users and the team has come out with several updates. The team’s statement on Metro app is, “Metro app is moving forward as usual. We will start a spring campaign in April. The Metro team is evaluating the opportunity in several international cities, such as Singapore, Bangkok, Toyko, etc. It will grow in parallel with DMA project development.” We all look forward to the campaign in April.

Thanks to DMA for providing detailed updates on its framework along with its multiple dApps. The community is looking forward to seeing more progress for one of the most exciting projects in the Elastos ecosystem.


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