The ambitious vision of Elastos extends beyond the modern internet infrastructure. It’s constructed of many components through Blockchain, Carrier, and Runtime that ensure security, a decentralized peer-to-peer network, and a safe environment protected from dangerous DDOS and man-in-the-middle attacks.

These ideas, roads, and highways have been built by Rong Chen and the Elastos Foundation. It’s up to the members of the Cyber Republic (CR) to educate, consult, and connect organizations, businesses, universities, and other entities to Elastos technology.

Just recently, an exciting new team has appeared in a thoroughly written suggestion, tasking itself to develop business relationships in Europe.  Elastos Orchard is a team of six highly qualified professionals with an assortment of valuable skill-sets. They are all passionate about the vision of Elastos and the importance of a new, smarter Internet.

The team is set to begin their business endeavors in the countries of UK, France, Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland. Why start their initiative in these countries, exactly? As team member Chris MacGregor explains, “Simply, these are the countries we are from. They all have similar regulatory constructs and viewpoints for businesses and we are familiar with these territories”.

How did this idea come together? What are the steps they are taking to make it happen?

The Elastos Orchard team began as a group of acquaintances. They bonded quickly through the Elastos anniversary and telegram chatroom.  Over several months, they bounced ideas around opportunities to promote Elastos adoption and how they might help develop the CR ecosystem. Nicola Zimmerman (Gandhi) and Diego Delrieu came to the group with the idea of building a business consortium with their specialized talents in order to bring Elastos to the European community. This is when the idea of the Elastos business development hub was born. The name Orchard followed, symbolizing a nurturing home to many sapling companies which would one day blossom into fruitful trees.

The Elastos Orchard team recognizes themselves as the founding pioneers of something greater than any one of them. Though Orchard is meant to be the home for growing business enterprises in Europe, it will of course embrace all partners of Elastos and the entire community.

To achieve their goals, the team wants to design a business model that can be used as a blueprint for those who want to start something similar in other parts of the world. Orchard plans to build a profitable business based on three lines of operation: educating, connecting and consulting.

The first line of operation is the Elastos Orchard’s Beehive.  Its core goal is to find and connect businesses, industries, developers, high-end CR projects, and importantly, investors that will bring real world applications to the Elastos ecosystem. The team will simultaneously bring in established Elastos partners and CR projects with clear upside potential to big industries in the European region. Through strategic partnerships, and the help of the CR and all of its community members, Elastos Orchard will have more than enough connections to pollinate many ideas.

The second line of operation is to consult multiple entities to nurture new businesses, or in their terms, the Elastos Orchard’s Greenhouse project. The team aims to get existing businesses and start-ups to adopt the Elastos technology and to implement new decentralized business models onto the Elastos ecosystem. The team has not finalized their plans, but they are considering one-to-one B2B briefings, customized team workshops, and technical support. Elastos Orchard will consult with businesses from the ideation phase to the actual execution and implementation of business plans. The team believes that CR community members must participate in these endeavors, and through their learning of best-practices, they hope to spread the word of Elastos and the CR globally.

The team believes that the success of Elastos will depend on a growing understanding and adoption by future generations and a more diverse demographic. Therefore, the third and perhaps most fundamental line of operation is education. The working project name for this is Orchard’s Knowledge Pool (shortened to KP for obvious reasons)!  The intention is to build, retain, and signpost cognitive resources needed to quench the thirst of all those who wish to know about the Elastos use-cases and opportunities within CR. Elastos Orchard plans to provide ready-made workshops accessible to schools, colleges, and universities. In addition to briefs, tools, and workshops, Elastos Orchard wants to host annual competitions to inspire learning and innovation.

But how exactly will the team approach these daunting tasks? Well, each team member brings a lot of valuable experience and skill-sets to the table:

Diego Delrieu has significant background in sales and manufacturing. His skills will be best used to pitch Elastos and the CR to prospective startups.

Jochem Herber is a University lecturer and has several contacts in academia and various industries.

Chris MacGregor is an inventive polymath and leader who excels in strategic thinking and creating traction in projects. Being a visionary and leveraging business tech will be very useful when reaching out to government and regulatory bodies.

Rachid Ajaja is currently a Venture partner in an AI start-up company with whom Orchard wishes to form an alliance with to support the ‘Connect’ and ‘Consult’ lines of operation. His experience and skills in raising money for projects will be absolutely paramount in corralling investors.

Nicola Zimmerman (Gandhi) and Kiran Pachhai (KP) need no introduction and are the intimate connection to Elastos and CR. Both have exceptional insight which will support the ‘educate’ and ‘consult’ lines of operation.

If the team’s suggestion turns into an approved proposal by the Interim CR Council, they are keen to ideas, contributions, and potential employees from the CR community to help with this project.

The Elastos Orchard project is extremely ambitious with several goals and tasks ahead of them. Their slogan, for now, is “Turning FUD to FAD”. In other words, turning Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt into a Focused, Accountable, and Diverse plan of action.

Every new tech project is looking to be understood and adopted by businesses, schools, universities, policy-makers, and traditional establishments throughout the world. In the near term, Elastos Orchard is looking for Cyber Republic funding to enable the team to continue with their strategic and operational planning.  Having completed detailed business plans, they will offer specific courses of action to the CR that explain how they intend to educate, consult, and connect in order to drive real world adoption of Elastos technology and the CR ecosystem. Their suggestion can be seen here:

If you believe the project should turn into a proposal, please “like” it, and the chance it has for funding will increase greatly. Both the React Native and Hyper Connect projects, now approved proposals, were the top 2 suggestions, and Elastos Orchard is currently in 3rd place.

If you’d like to learn more about the Elastos Orchard, please check out their detailed powerpoint here:

Thanks to Chris MacGregor and the Elastos Orchard team for taking the time to speak about the project.


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