React Native alpha was released last week, and without approval, there won’t be a beta.  We’ve decided to highlight the React Native project in order to encourage support for this important piece of the Cyber Republic.

React Native has always been a community project; Elastos Foundation is focused on the Trinity Project.  Now that all CR tasks and projects are no longer paid out of the Elastos Foundation’s pocket, just like every other CR project, React Native must go through the proper protocols of suggestion-approval-voting-funding.  This, even though the Foundation certainly saw the value of supporting the React Native team in the past.

Simply said, React Native needs the community’s support and approval to obtain funding.

But what is React Native and why is it necessary?

Like Trinity Project, React Native is another way to develop dApps, but everything has pros and cons.  Trinity and React Native dAPPs are both written in JavaScript though with different frameworks: ionic vs React Native. Trinity apps are web apps, and React Native apps are native apps.

This means that React Native apps would be much faster, but Trinity allows for the same code to be used for all platforms run within the Trinity browser.  React Native, however, can only work in Android and iOS while Trinity is able to run on anything that supports the browser from Windows to iOS and Android, etc.

So why should the Cyber Republic fund React Native?

Because developers love their choices. The more options, the more dApps, the more adoption.  We all know the truth of this. Projects with the most talented and numerous developers are the projects that succeed. The advice to crypto investors to “Follow the developers” holds a lot of truth.

While it is very reasonable for Elastos Foundation to focus on only one of these DApp platforms, this is the exact reason that the Cyber Republic exists: to encourage mass adoption with all the micromanaging that only a large and passionate community can do.

The Cyber Republic is the reason that the “small but important” things will always get done, and as far as we’re concerned, for the sake of attracting developers, this is a “big but important” project that needs the support of the entire Cyber Republic community.

Read more about React Native in our interview at the end of this weekly update.  If you would like to support the React Native project, a suggestion will be available on for you to vote and voice your opinion!

Team Members waiting on your approval:

KP- Product Owner
Anders Alm- Project Manager

Adem Bilican-Developer

Eric Dualc-Developer

Jacky Li-Developer



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