Monday, June 1, 2020

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What Has The Chinese Community Been Up To? April 15 – 30

Lian Shi Jie published an article on how Elastos is seizing the opportunity of creating the next era of wealth consensus through digitalisation. The author explains that the progress of the entire world is predominantly driven by common

Bitcoin to fly

After 2008, the global financial crisis haunted people exploited by the highly centralized financial giants. An “Occupy Wall Street” protest, filled with indignation, spread around the world. Though momentum was huge, no solution to overcentralization of credit creation was given--seemingly.

CR Press Presents: Elastos Updates May 2020

There’s a new page for developers called Elastos Schema. Schema contains info and a set of instructions on how you can request data from the Elastos DID, Carrier, and Blockchain into a dApp. Developers don’t have to import logic by scratch.

Elastos Foundation AMA – By Jeremy G

ETH Task Force is on their final task with ENS (Ethereum Name Service). DeFi will be seen as a high priority for the team...

What Has The Chinese Community Been Up To? April 1 – 15

As an important platform for Elastos ecosystem, elastOS development team (i.e. Trinity Tech team) is actively working to optimis...

Bi-Weekly Developer Updates

Vouch began development two weeks ago, with an early demo release planned soon. It's a KYC app that will validate email addresses. An email validator service matches and verifies user emails and DIDs.


An interview with Sunny Feng Han: “Bitcoin’s price rebound will be...

During the epidemic, the main focus is to protect personal data, but at the same time, another logic appeared that personal data should be owned by the person himself.

CRC Interviews: Michael S

Having the opportunity to mold the future of the new smart web would be the honor of a lifetime. Ever since joining the Cyber Republic community about 2 years ago...

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