Saturday, July 4, 2020

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Coin Burn Vote and Western Moderator Funding

The CRC was decentralized just a few weeks ago, and it's been quite a spectacle to watch the team in action. Starting on a positive note, a Proposal to fund the listing on a new exchange was passed. However, hot debate amongst the Elastos community has revolved around the English Community Moderator and ELA Token Burn Proposals. Both were not able to gain Council approval, but new Proposals have either been submitted or are in works. BREAKING: Elastos Orchard has just submitted a new Suggestion, showing a turn to support the token burn. It seems likely with Orchard's vote, and other discussions that the 80% burn could very well pass. The denial of the English Community Moderator Proposal which funds a handful of...

What Has The Chinese Community Been Up To? May 16 – 31

What Hast The Chinese Community Been Up To? May 16 - 31 May 24 - Qu Lu Qu Dong published an article on technological singularity and the possibility for blockchain technology such as Elastos to directly benefit the pursuit of singularity together with other forefront technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5G, big data, and the Internet of Everything. Blockchain technology can serve a wide range of economic sectors including public administration, laws, finance, intellectual property and supply chains. The author explained that Elastos technology can enable users to truly own their data with complete security and privacy. Users need to realise that transfer of value over the Internet must begin with a transfer of platforms as well. In this regard,...

Elabox: Your Personal Portal To The Decentralized Smart Web

Elabox is to become a data vault service for the Elastos ecosystem. Box owners can rent out their storage in what could become a large, decentralized storage network, similar to existing cloud storage services but built on a decentralized framework and Elastos.

The Knights of the CR Council

On Monday, June 9th, twelve individuals were officially elected into the CR Council. Meet your new CR Council, and learn about their various skill sets and experiences. Let us know what you think: are you excited for the future of CR?

Elastos Developer Updates

Users can send messages offline and can add friends when offline due to some new Carrier updates and upgrades. Feeds dApp, the decentralized Telegram/Twitter has been upgraded. Feeds uses Carrier, DID, and also Vault in future. 

Vouch dApp

Vouch dApp allows 3rd party validators to verify important content such as names, email addresses, and phone numbers. Validated content then creates verifiable credentials, which can then be saved in the Vouch dApp and published at the user’s discretion. 


An interview with Sunny Feng Han: “Bitcoin’s price rebound will be...

During the epidemic, the main focus is to protect personal data, but at the same time, another logic appeared that personal data should be owned by the person himself.

CRC Interviews: Michael S

Having the opportunity to mold the future of the new smart web would be the honor of a lifetime. Ever since joining the Cyber Republic community about 2 years ago...

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