Rong shared a fun post in his WeChat circle. The post, relayed by ELAfuns, which relates the history of Elastos and the hottest topic between the United States and China, discusses the making of the OS. Rong shared his views:

The last two days, the old employees of Kortide have shared photos from the past. We had written almost all the codes for smartphone core, graphics, power management, interactive interface, service-oriented architecture (SaaS) programming framework and common mobile apps. This was the first smartphone with widgets I have ever seen.

In 2012, an investor asked me if there was any opportunity for making a mobile phone OS?

I said to them that the time has passed and new opportunities were found in the Industrial IoT and Smart Home OS.

The investor was suspicious about this statement. Three or four months later, he met Andy Rubin, the creator of Android, and got the exactly same answer for the same question. The investor then decided to invest in building the Elastos network OS.

Elastos was revived in August, 2017, and has transformed into the Elastos SmartWeb, driven by blockchain, to redefine the world computer discussed in the blockchain industry from the perspective of the Internet.

Elastos is expected to be “open source, open, and self-running”. ┬áNiubility! (Marvellous!) The only opportunity to make a new OS at this stage is as a new Internet OS.

While we are working low-profile, we stand up to take our responsibility. Our confidence in “solving the problem of trust issues by reconstructing the network architecture” comes from our enormous strength in the industry and the ability in realizing our plan. The Internet is “altruistic” by nature. Therefore, only a system of “open source, free, and self-running” can be trusted by the world. This is contrary to doing business with a wolf culture (Huawei). To change business style is not easy.


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