Would you mind introducing yourself and how you found Elastos?

Hi, I’m Chris and I am an Elastophile.  I’ve worked in defence, security, operations and communications for over 20 years.  I studied Psychology at University and now have a MBA and a Masters in International Relations & Strategy.  I have an entrepreneurial mind and learned of Bitcoin in 2011. I loved Satoshi’s vision but was not technically skilled to set up mining, and I kick myself for not working harder to understand it.  I learned of Elastos in 2017, was delighted to hear of Rong’s vision, and I invested in early 2018. If I knew how to be, I’d be a CypherPunk.

We’ve heard that you’re going to be part of a new suggestion for the Cyber Republic.  Would you mind introducing that and what it hopes to accomplish? Who else is on the team, and what is your role?

I met with many from the core community in Thailand last summer and have kept in touch.  There is such an eclectic and talented mix. Inspired by what Aryan (IoeX) and Brian (DMA) are doing, and having seen Elastos products and services mature, I have been itching to help Elastos grow.  I have recently joined a small group from the Elastos community to build a European Business Development hub for Elastos. Our working title for this new venture is Elastos Orchard.  We think this reflects the sustainable, nurturing environment that we wish to create, within which there will be other elements which we’ll describe soon.  Europe is an amazing marketplace and we believe that Elastos needs representation here.

Our focus will be based on 4 pillars:  educating potential developers, influencing policy makers, supporting start-ups and connecting investors to blossoming projects.  So far, team members include: Jochem (Netherlands), Diego and Rachid (France), and Ghandi (Switzerland). We are recruiting a lady from Germany too. Rachid is the co-founder of AllianceBlock.io and we intend to form a strategic partnership to accelerate our own development.  We look forward to answering questions and securing votes from the community so that we can take this idea onwards.

You’re clearly someone who believes very much in the Elastos vision.  However, even with the significant price difference from your initial investment, you have a positive outlook.  What in your life has equipped you for this, and how does that connect to how you see Elastos? Where are your doubts?

Like many, I didn’t want to see the bull market price rises of 2017 for what they actually were.  I learned a lot. We all have our moments of doubt but I remain calm, pragmatic and determined because Rong & Feng’s idea is sound and the fundamentals continue to improve.  Every week Elastos core-developers and Elastos affiliates deliver against the plan. There is so much going on, it’s hard to keep up – but exciting.

My philosophy is simple:  If I don’t understand something, I learn; if I don’t like something, I try to change it; if I make a mistake, I admit it and move on. And I only invest in projects that I care enough about to help.

I have doubts and they relate to how Elastos manages the transition from the idea of a traditional, centralised company to a novel, distributed, community-driven organisation.  This is hard work, especially when so many have invested to make quick money. However, I believe many more invested in Elastos because of the philosophy and we need to listen to them;  this is a unique, long-term project that will change the world for the better. As it does this, all those who’ve contributed by investment or effort will be rewarded.

Concerning the Cyber Republic, what insights do you have to share with the community, and in the same way, what insight do you wish to share with the current interim council members?  

Cyber Republic is a fantastic tool, but it needs adoption, too.  We have to encourage people to come off Telegram and put their ideas into Cyber Republic forums.  This is a behavioural change for all of us, so we need to think about how we incentivise it. Ideas include: a competition to bring people to CR and to complete their profiles; explainer videos as to how to use CR; the requirement to hold at least 1 x ELA to contribute (to increase the quality of posts); updates on social media channels to inform of new idea submissions and film stories of the most successful submissions.  In addition, there should be options that allow people to find others, by geography, skill-sets or ideas.

Do you seek a greater role in the Cyber Republic?  If so, what is that role and what would it offer the Cyber Republic and Elastos?

Yes, if I could find a full-time role in Elastos or the Cyber Republic I would jump at the chance. I’d like a role such as global marketing or operations manager to cohere all the efforts of the core-team and affiliate businesses within a strategic plan.  Maybe that’s something I could do within Elastos Orchard. I’d also like to write Rong Chen’s biography.

Lastly, why do you sound so intelligent and thoughtful and interesting even when you ramble on within a video for 20 straight minutes…twice?  Where can we learn to do that? Are you going to lead the speaking workshops for Cyber Republic ambassadors?

Ha, funny!  Perhaps, after the Bill Bryson book, I should have called those YouTube videos ‘Notes from a small ELAnd’?  I learned the importance of good communications in the British Army. This is true whether you are trying to get a new idea into the head of an old general or whether you are giving commands in combat.  I have given lectures to different audiences around the world and know that speaking clearly, and telling stories with energy, are the best ways to achieve understanding. It’s only with understanding that you can achieve effective actions.  I’d love to teach the ambassadors programme about running Elastos meet-ups and how to seek the change they wish to see.


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