Harry Liu Cyber RepublicHow did you first get involved with the Cyber Republic? 

I knew Kevin back in 2015 when I worked in an online education startup.  Kevin was one of our teachers. Then, in 2016, we worked in the same company: iHealth.  He was the CTO of US headquarters; I was a developer in Singapore. I get involved in CR at the end of 2018 after my own project failed. Kevin introduced me, and I had a interview with KP and Clarence.  I decided to join as a developer.

You’re the project lead for CR website.  How many are in your team and what are their roles? What are your goals and roadmap for this year?

Yes, I am the lead developer of the CR website. We have 3 part-time developers. Senior Developer Wiktor (Spain), Devolper: Semir (EU), and Developer: Henry (Vietnam). They are all full stack developers. Mike, the lead of product management, also contributes to the team as does Clarence. Our goals are to meet the CR roadmap, which I believe was published in the blog.

How does your workflow operate, and who approves your tasks?

I finishing all the development work I can, and if there are too many tasks, I will ask others to help. We have a workflow for CR:


Rebecca, Clarence, Mike, and I have roadmap meetings.  During the meeting we will decide on the highest level roadmap and tasks.  I report to Clarence, Mike focuses on product, and I focus on development. Clarence and Rebecca review things as a team.

Some of tasks are from user feedback. Nicola helps collect that feedback. The community is awesome and they are very helpful. Mike will assign tasks to me, and then I will do the development work or ask others to do it. Mike and I verify the results if someone else does the work. If it’s okay, we rollout the updates to production which is the CR website.

Can you tell us the progress of the website? What are the challenges, and what tasks are you excited about?

We are currently working on the Edit suggestion and integration of DIDs, which will be released in March. The biggest challenge is using blockchain DID with the website.  It’s also what I am most excited about. DID is on the blockchain and we will have an authentication process to connect users on CR with DIDs. Every day we are closer to a decentralized and autonomous web, community, and society.

What degree do you have and what school did you go to for your degree? 

I got my Mechatronics master’s degree from North China Electric Power University.

Are you full time employee for Elastos or the Cyber Republic, or are you doing contractual work?

I work for CR full time, remotely.  Sometimes I help with small Elastos tasks. To clarify my role, I am not an employee of either Elastos or CR, same as others from the community.  I am also part of the community, a freelancer working full time for the CR.

Do you work on both the CR main website and the CR forum? If so, what approaches are you taking for those two separate web pages?

Yes, I work for both. Actually CR forum is pretty stable.  We have community admins such KP and Clarence to maintain content. I just initiated the service, which is a popular forum framework called, “Discourse”.  I added the SSO authentication to allow user log-ins from the CR website. Now, my main work is on the CR main website, and to help out on minor tasks from other projects of Elastos–like getting an Elastos news site, another chain project which is not open source yet, as well as the CR document site.

How do you plan on optimizing the website further and creating a better user experience in order to increase engagement on the Cyber Republic website?

To increase user engagement, I think the most important thing I need to do is to complete the roadmap we published and make the website feature stable. CR is part of the Elastos ecosystem and community confidence is very important.  If we always fulfill our commitments, people will trust us and willingly participate.

Once the Cyber Republic gains full control come August, will you need to be voted in to keep your position?  How will your roles and responsibilities transition?

I’m not sure about the voting process yet, but I am willing to participate in the process of community consensus.

There’s a bit of mystery around how things function in the current structure of the Cyber Republic.  You’ve touched on some of these structures, but would you mind demystifying it and breaking it down a little?  Who are the main players in decision making, and how does the chain of command and organization work in the Interim Cyber Republic?  Even better, what’s a day in the life of Harry like?

I want to differentiate Cyber Republic Council and Cyber Republic website.  Cyber Republic Council includes 3 interim council members and one secretary.  This info can be found on https://www.cyberrepublic.org/council.  For the decision making of the current Council, there is a blog post https://blog.cyberrepublic.org/2018/12/27/important-cyber-republic-announcement/

It explains how the flow works, and this flow applies to all proposals. For the CR website, most are about features that need to be developed.  The current team for decision making will be Rebecca, Clarence, Mike, and me.

A usual day for me is that I will spend most of my time developing CR website features. At the beginning of the work day, I gather all the information from email, wechat, GitHub issues, and pivotal tracker, and then I convert them into todos for the day. If there is any urgent issue, normally it will be on wechat messenger.  I will handle those first. If there is any unclear requirements or design, I just ping Mike; he is always helpful and supportive.

After I finish developing, I will deploy it to a staging server and test it.  If it passes, then I will ping Mike to verify it as well as the story and feature owner.  If it also passes Mike, then the story is finished. We use pivotal tracker to track stories and priority; it’s very helpful for our collaboration.


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