By Joel

In your own words, how would you describe the Cyber Republic to people and how has progress been?

The establishment of Cyber Republic Consensus (CRC) is to ensure Elastos can be run as an open, public, democratic, and transparent platform. Sitting on top of Cyber Republic (CR), CRC is a mechanism to solve potential conflicts with the use of blockchain. The establishment of CRC takes time and therefore the Interim Council is in place to facilitate the work. All in all, the progress of CR development is sticking to plan and roadmap.

Rong has mentioned that the more mature the project, the less involved he will have to be.  Even as soon as April, he may be reducing his involvement. What’s your view on the leadership of Elastos and CR?

Rong and I and all team members are also members of community.  According to the voting mechanism of the CR, different members can exert their influence and community leaders will emerge.  For instance, Rong initiated the development of the new internet and has been committed to it for 20 years. It is not hard to see his opinions on building the system will be highly valued and he will continue to be an important part of the community. Under the current mechanism, voting power is granted by ELA.

The community has been curious about the Manhattan Project. Could you shed some light on the progress and definition of the project?

Manhattan Project was funded by several entities including Huobi, Tony Tao, Jizhe Xu etc. The investment should be regarded as a community initiative and not related to the Elastos Foundation. Overall, the progress is very good and even beyond what was planned in many aspects. Top Network was the first project discovered by the Manhattan Project and the cooperation with Elastos was well-explained in the EOY report.

You have mentioned that the donation to MIT was dedicated to researches in 3 aspects: food safety, blockchain industry reporting ,and the application of quantum mechanics on blockchain. How would they benefit the ecosystem of Elastos and what is the progress?

The food safety research in MIT will use blockchain technology, and we will promote its integration with Elastos. However, the nature of a business and research is fundamentally different, with the latter taking much more time to develop. We are still at the strategic level and we have to be patient before seeing fruition.

You have mentioned that on Feb 1 there was a meeting between Elastos and World Bank about building the next generation of Internet. What specific issues have you spoken about and is there any progress that can be released to the community at this stage?

The chief security architect of the World Bank invited us for a meet up, and the discussion went well. There is a potential meetup in Silicon Valley in March to further discuss technical aspects. We have to see how the process goes and whether there will be strategic cooperation remains unknown until then.

You have made a tweet showing the photo of you and Xiao, a supporter of Newton and once Elastos, who fudded Elastos at the critical moment. What messages did you want to deliver by that tweet and how should the community perceive it?

Xiao is an active person who shares information on public channels and we are aware of his behaviour. He has published information about Elastos, both good ones and bad ones. At the start of the current bear market, he charged me for dumping ELA for profit based on the information he got from chat groups, which was wrong.

However, it is understandable that the batch of early investors, including Xiao, experienced such a bear market for the first time and they’ve made stories up to rationalize their losses. When I met Xiao in Macau, I told him what he did was wrong and inappropriate. I believe that there is no clear cut line to tell whether a person a good guy or a bad guy, as things change in different circumstances. The essence of business developing is cooperation, and it is harmful to treat people as enemies. While we recognize what Xiao has done to the community, I would rather treat each community member as a friend so I took the picture with him.

How do you spend your life in Boston these days and what are the goals you want to achieve there?

In Boston I’m focused on research with MIT. My last successful experience in blockchain investments came from my research in Tsinghua University and being an evangelist of the technology. In the last bull run, I met a lot of key people in the industry, including Vitalik, Da Hongfei, and Shen Bo. They all shed light on my road of investing and the return has been huge. I am writing a new book. The title of the book is “The Era of Quantum Wealth” (????????). It systematically sets forth core concepts of the digital economy, computational concepts, and blockchain. I believe that a well-described theory is the prerequisite of a gigantic movement. I wish to extend my success in China to the world, and as such, I can make the greatest contribution to Elastos.

What are your words of wisdom towards the current CR?

I truly appreciate the support towards Elastos from the community. Their understanding of the technology and belief in Rong’s vision is carrying them through the bear market. Elastos is relatively new project compared with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and even Neo. The foundation is not as robust as other mature platforms and thus the price fluctuation is greater comparatively. Nevertheless, compared with the last bear market when most people felt desperate, the current situation is much better as many of us still pay close attention to bitcoin and blockchain technology. In this particular moment, Elastos is the project without any staff layoffs, with progress advancing normally and even beyond expectations.

Thank you for your time and answers, Sunny!


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