Please introduce yourself to the community. Is there anything personal you’d like the share with everyone?

I am Lark, a dude who talks about cryptocurrency on the internet.  My first crypto after Bitcoin was Steem, the decentralized blogging community where I can earn crypto was a really cool way to get into crypto.

When was the first time you learned about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency? Were you instantly hooked or was it a process to learn everything?

I first learned about it in 2012 when I was working as a tutor at the University of Auckland. Sadly, I decided beer was a better purchase at the time. But it did spark an interest that carried through the years until I started taking it more seriously.

You currently reside in the beautiful New Zealand.  Have you seen any sort of cryptocurrency adoption over there? Have you attended any cryptocurrency meetups over there to help spread the word and educate people on it?

New Zealand is behind in terms of adoption with our Aussie neighbours being leagues ahead in that regard. There is very little retail adoption though there are a lot of enthusiasts. Yes, I have been to meetups; there are regular ones happening all the time.

Your YouTube channel, “The Crypto Lark”, has turned into a very successful Crypto outlet with many fans. How did the channel start? Are you surprised by the following you’ve accumulated? How has this changed your life?

The channel start out of documenting my own personal journey and providing education and insight for the community. I am humbled by the response to my channel, and I work hard to continually provide value for the community. It has been life changing in many ways, including doing this as my full time job! (Starting November 2017)

Most recently you created a well-received video on Elastos and Cyber Republic. When did you first learn about the project? What initially attracted you to it and how do you see Elastos differentiating itself from the thousands of other projects out there?

I first really got into Elastos in early 2018. The scope of the Elastos project and the focus on creating a better ecosystem for the internet were very attractive. There are a lot of ways that Elastos is different, but some things that have really stood out recently is the Carrier system and the partnerships which can bring millions into crypto.

Cyber Republic is the underlying society for the Elastos community. It’s almost seen as the Elastos “DAO”. The 16.3 million ELA will be open to the CR come August, which will be used to fund the ecosystem. Please let the community know your thoughts on the Cyber Republic. In your opinion, what does the CR need to do in order to make this all become successful and fully functional?

Cyber Republic is the make or break for Elastos. The organization will be able to fund the economy and really stimulate growth. CR needs to fund things that will make using Elastos fun and easy so that we can get more non-crypto people on board. It can also do a lot for the public communication and PR which has been lacking.

The DPoS Supernodes Elections have fully commenced. A total of 96 Participant nodes will look to be elected to accompany the 12 CRC Nodes. What’s your opinion on these elections? Thoughts on having Supernodes in Elastos’ dual Consensus mechanism?

The elections are an important part of the process in terms of decentralizing the network. The dual consensus mechanism should prove to be very powerful, leveraging the power of Bitcoin and a decentralized group of community members.

What’s your favorite dApp that’s being built on top of Elastos?

Certainly for me it would be Viewchain and the ability of this project to bring millions of people in places like Myanmar decentralized identity products.

Do you plan on making more videos about Elastos and the Cyber Republic? Any plans on contributing to the CR itself?

Yes, of course I will continue to follow the progress of Elastos and the CR. I believe it can be one of the big innovators in crypto.  Not sure how much time, if any, I can devote to the CR, but hopefully I can peek my head in from time to time.

Any fun hobbies or activities you like to do in your spare time?

Try and get out and away from the computer as much as possible. Yoga, gym, trekking, and drinking yerba mate by the waterfront.

Anything else you’d like to say regarding Elastos and CR?

I am just really excited to see that in spite of the bear market, Elastos kept building.  I am looking forward to what the future holds.


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