By Jeremy

Ecosystem partner IOEX has recently come out with their new app, X-Talk, a versatile chat/streaming application which allows friends, family, and colleagues to chat in a peer-to-peer and decentralized fashion.

In the linked article, the IOEX team explains step-by-step how to use their new online streaming app. First step is to add a contact by scanning a QR Code within the X-Talk app. Both users will need the X-Talk app downloaded in order to connect with one another. After the scan is complete, a friend invitation will pop up for the invited person on the other end and they can confirm the friend request for the connection to be made. Both people in this example will then be able to chat with one another and enjoy a conversation.

There are many features in the new IOEX app; friends will be able to send videos and photos to each other and X-Talk also supports the ability to conduct online streaming between users. The online streaming broadcast does not pass through a third-party server and is transmitted directly through the decentralized IOEX network. This method guarantees that the data being transmitted is secure and private at all times.

Downloads X-Talk here:
IOEX Android Client APP (Google Play)

IOEX Android Devine APP(Google Play)

IOEX iOS Client (Test flight)


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