Seriously, he’s alive and well. Jimmy has been a little preoccupied with his company with some heavy contracting in the past few months. Now, he is ready to work on some exciting projects and ramp up efforts for the DX team. In his latest Youtube video Jimmy goes over his role with the DX team, the DX team’s partnership with Elastos ecosystem partner, DMA, and updates on his popular doorbell.

First thing’s first, Jimmy goes over his role on the DX team. He serves as an advisor and leads the team along with Donnie Bullers while Kiran Pachhai and Martin Knight also compose the team. DX is trying to hone in on marketing and positioning, i.e. what ads work best for developers. Ultimately, they are trying to cultivate a community of developers that uses Elastos technology.

DX team is actively working with colleges and open source initiatives to give developers tools to not only work on the Elastos blockchain, but on any blockchain. The DX team will start as blockchain agnostic as possible. The goal is to develop the most ideal distributed app framework for developers in order to build games, powerful business dapps, and other intriguing dapps.

Jimmy, Donnie, KP, and Martin talk to each other each week to strategize marketing along with planning content that will eventually turn into the Elastos Academy. This Academy will provide developers with documentation and tutorials to lead developers to Elastos.

The DX team will also be partnering with ecosystem partner DMA. The goal is to bring developers to DMA’s various frameworks and dapps through documentation and tutorials taught in the Elastos Academy. Developers will have live usable dapps to work with after studying the various tools used in the Elastos ecosystem.

Jimmy also gave a new update on his doorbell device. He received a prototype from a production run with printed circuit board. There still needs to be changes made in order to make it more reliable. Jimmy is very excited about the potential of his doorbell because he foresees data breaches and consumer privacy to be at risk with the “Ring Doorbell” and other devices out in the market. This project will continue with a 2nd revision designed in PCB layout software. It will be sent to China for fabrication in order to get to the next stage of development.

This is a low cost open source doorbell that can fit in any standard doorbell enclosure and currently records 720 video that’s saved on the user’s NAS or cloud. It is built to protect the consumer’s data and privacy and there’s no subscription needed.  This doorbell uses the Elastos Carrier which allows the saving and sending of data in a protected and safe network.

Stay tuned for more updates from the DX team. Jimmy will be doing more livestreams in order to best interact with the Elastos Community. He also has a new garage door opener in the works as well…so no, Jimmy isn’t dead. He’s alive and motivated to help lead the Elastos DX team in onboarding developers onto Elastos.



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