Elastos DX team member, Jimmy Lipham, recently hosted an exciting livestream for the Elastos and CR community on Sunday, July 7th, 2019. To view it in its entirety, click here.

Along with giving out an Ellipal hardware wallet, Jimmy updated his viewers on his involvement with the Elastos DX team, his independent projects utilizing the Elastos technology, development on Elastos DX partnerships, and he answered several questions from the community.

Jimmy started the livestream by explaining his role on the Elastos Developers Experience (DX) team. His main responsibility is to develop informational content and materials to onboard developers on to Elastos. The Elastos DX team works in lockstep with Elastos Foundation. DX also coordinates with Elastos DMA to apply DMA’s documentation libraries and features into the Elastos Academy.

Mr. Lipham filled in the community about several independent projects he’s working on: Elastos Doorbell, Elastos Remote Control Garage Door opener, and a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device. Jimmy is toying with the idea of an Elastos powered cell phone and has plans to develop an open source laptop based on the Pine64 computer. 

Jimmy explicitly stated that these projects are completely funded by himself and he has not accepted any funding from any one person or third party. He sees a great need in the market for all of these devices based on the public hacks of centralized networks along with eavesdropping issues by the Facebooks, Googles, and Amazons of the world. For example, with his NAS device, you can record and store your information on the blockchain without any intermediaries intercepting it, storing it, and analyzing it for their own monetary gain.

Jimmy revealed some news regarding a partnership the Elastos DX team has developed. They are working with an independent wireless provider in Denver, CO. The Elastos TV box will be distributed to each customer to develop conveyance of distributed apps. He mentioned that these types of collaborations and partnerships are a pivotal part of Elastos. Ultimately, adoption is attained when people are using the Elastos technology without knowing about it.

Another partnership Jimmy shed light on was with George Mason University. The school is coming up with an Elastos test bed to develop controlled Elastos environments that continue to develop the security of its infrastructure. This is currently being trialed in lectures and classrooms. Jimmy is confident that when students graduate, they will be used to the tech and will want to apply it to their startups or tech companies they end up working at. Jimmy compared this to how Microsoft implemented their tech by starting with universities.

Jimmy was gracious enough to answer some questions from the community. Someone asked if Elastos was likely to be adopted by the masses. Jimmy said adoption is very much based on who builds on the platform. He preached that Elastos needs to be very user friendly to businesses overall. He declared that it’s a very tough market to penetrate. However, based on people being more educated with privacy, anti-trust laws in question with tech companies possessing overwhelming power, Elastos has a great niche in this ever-evolving marketplace. Jimmy mentioned that it’s up to the Elastos DX team to educate people about these dynamics and convince them that Elastos is the solution to all these problems.

On Ethereum and NEO sidechains, Jimmy felt very confident that developers will be attracted to building on the Elastos platform. He felt that it would be a seamless transition to simply port ETH or NEO smart contracts onto Elastos and broaden itself in the marketplace. He feels that more and more developers will be incentivized to build on top of Elastos as more and more sidechains are formulated on the Elastos platform. Jimmy also explained that Elastos gives developers the building blocks to talk, utilize Carrier, Hive, and other tools that other blockchain projects don’t provide. 

Jimmy’s own background was that he was instantly convinced to build on Elastos because he could use languages he already knows, such as Javascript, C, Python and PHP extensions. He believes that other developers will be attracted to the flexibility of using multiple languages as well. Jimmy said that if a DApp like Cryptokitties could have a 90% higher transaction throughput and operates faster, why wouldn’t it, thereby increasing the demand for building on the network?

“When will Elastos be fully operational?” Jimmy mentioned that Elastos will never exactly be finished, just like the internet itself isn’t fully finished. The Elastos DX team needs to be ready to adjust their schedules and program with any and all updates the Elastos Core team comes out with. His main goal is to prove the concept of Elastos and make it as accessible to companies and institutions. Regarding the Marketing topic, Jimmy said there could be some improvements. He mentioned getting on more exchanges could be marketing in itself to crypto investors. He said that focusing on who you are marketing to is a big deal and needs to be calculated carefully. Marketing budgets cost a lot, and devising a specific plan is paramount for success.

In the final 5-10 minutes of his livestream, Jimmy, in coordination with the Noderators Supernode, gave away an Ellipal wallet to a lucky winner. He created his own Random Number picker that was written in Python. Ellipal is a cold storage wallet. It does not communicate with the internet and has several device security features. It uses Arm TrustZone technology to protect the users’ private keys. This wallet also supports BTC, ETH and ERC-20 tokens. Once Jimmy receives his Ellipal wallet, he will look to take it apart and see what’s under the hood for the community. 

Please check out the Noderators website at Noderators.org for more details on Supernodes, the Ellipal Giveaway and much more!

So what’s on the agenda in Jimmy’s next call with the Elastos DX team? On Monday, they plan on speaking about strategic partnerships, Jimmy’s doorbell, merging projects in Elastos DX amongst other topics. In the future, Jimmy plans on creating videos of himself making products like his doorbell and garage door opener, and individuals will be able to purchase them after watching! 

Thanks to Jimmy and the Noderators for coordinating this informative livestream and Ellipal giveaway; the community looks forward to more content soon!



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