In March of this year, a marketing proposal was officially passed by the Council to begin engaging the South Korean community.

Jake, the official Community Manager for the South Korea marketing initiative, was gracious enough to answer some questions for CR Press. This grassroots effort in South Korea is in the early stages, but the basic strategy in this endeavor is to tap into the country’s social media outlets, translate documents to Korean, and engage communities through airdrops.

It is well known that the South Korean cryptocurrency community is extremely passionate and large, leading to the exclusion of South Korean exchanges on due to the significantly higher prices that South Korean exchanges traded at.

The most popular messaging app in the country is called Kakao Talk. Millions of daily users are on this platform every day. Obviously, Kakao Talk has many crypto communities on its platform, so Jake held a recent event on Kakao talk with interested Korean community members, “People participated in the KakaoTalk, identified Elastos reports, white papers, and created the opportunity to have a Q & A with each other.”

Jake does his best to involve himself with community members and looks to answer any and all questions for them. The community is growing quickly and Jake hopes that he can achieve his goal of 1500 people in the South Korea Elastos community.

Jake has also collaborated with a famous Korean “KOL” (social media personality) on the Kakao Talk app. He organized several fun online activities for Elastos which attracted many people to the channel. He even offered gift cards to those who participated. Jake plans to work with this famous social media personality in the future as they are very good friends. 

Another integral aspect of this marketing program is translation. Without someone translating the current and past Elastos materials, the Korean community would not be able to effectively learn about the ecosystem. Jake is fully aware of this, and he’s made some tremendous progress. Jake explains what he’s achieved thus far, “We are doing white paper and weekly report translation. The white paper has already been translated. We will also be working on app translation.”  Regarding the “app translation”, Jake is referring to translating the Elephant wallet for Korean users. As of now, some of the Korean is not entirely correct. The Elastos literature that he is translating is also being republished by a Korean Blockchain media team He believes that his outreach will spread awareness to the Elastos infrastructure and community.

As for his airdrop plans, Jake is looking to organize an event in which Korean community members can open up their own wallets and get an airdrop into their wallets. This airdrop is tentatively planned for next month. He believes that once Koreans start utilizing the Elephant wallet, they will eventually start to migrate into the overall ecosystem.

Of course, when the Elastos community thinks of Korea, the Elastos ecosystem partner ioeX comes to mind. Jake is fully aware of their presence in the region and will be looking to work with them in the future. “I often meet with the representative of ioeX Korea to discuss how to promote Elastos and ioeX in Korea… We plan to host [meetings] in the future.”

As stated, this South Korean initiative is in its infancy. When asked how the South Korean Community views Elastos, Jake says that Elastos and CR aren’t in the public eye of South Korea.  “I think cryptocurrencies listed on Upbit are the biggest competitors,” Jake says. “This is because Korean investors mainly use local exchanges and search for cryptocurrencies listed in Korea.”

This is a very interesting answer because it sheds light on how South Korea and many countries have crypto communities that are strictly focused on the buying and selling of cryptocurrency and not necessarily the adoption or technology of the cryptocurrency.

There is a lot of work to be done, but Jake is motivated to continue furthering the Elastos brand in the South Korea community.


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