The Cyber Republic has come out with a new initiative called “CR Regions”. As stated in the official press release, CR Regions is “The Regional Community Initiative ]that] sets out to propagate and expand the Elastos community and developer body by engaging region-specific communities and coworking spaces.” Over the last year, the EF has developed a wide array of relationships with universities, communities, blockchain projects, and other strategic partners in order to further build the ecosystem. Now is the time to bring in Regional representatives and create initiatives in order to further the CR and Elastos ecosystem at the ground level.

Developing strong regional communities in thriving territories is the ultimate goal. Events such as co-hosting Ethereum hackathons in order to feature the specialized Ethereum side chain on Elastos, or hosting Elastos specific classes to attract developers are examples of how these local communities can benefit the ecosystem. CR Regions will be completely CR funded and focused.

Prospective CR Region candidates must go through the same process as other aspiring projects via suggestion voting. As stated in the CR Regions document, “Suggestions should provide thorough detail, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), funding requirements, and community growth strategies tailored to their respective regions.” All CR citizens are encouraged to read the CR Region candidates suggestions and choose to like or dislike it. The most popular CR Regions have the opportunity to become funded through CRC.

There are three main areas of focus for the CR Regions program: Brand Recognition; Marketing, Community Growth, and Business Development; and Autonomy and Independence. Brand Recognition refers to maintaining the consistency of the Elastos logo and brand. Marketing, Community Growth, and Business Development is about becoming a Business Hub in the respective region. CR expects all leaders to build and develop relationships that lead to adoption and partnerships. The statement on Autonomy and Independence is, “The long-term focus for each community is to become financially self-sufficient by leveraging sponsorships, partnerships, and event-related opportunities.”

Advanced talks are already taking place with 15 different communities in 13 countries worldwide. Their information and candidacy literature will be posted on the Suggestions page on Bitwork from Hong Kong, Fomohunt in US, and Elastos Philippines are the first three CR Regions that have their information posted on the CR Website. Please read about their suggestions here:



Elastos Philippines:

We encourage all CR community members to participate and vote in this CR Regions initiative. It is up to us to recruit and establish talented leaders in popular regions in order to advance the new Smart Web.

Region Highlights:

Bitwork, Hong Kong

Bitwork has already established themselves as one of the upcoming blockchain developer hubs in Hong Kong. The team hosts a 10,000 square foot working space in order to serve their 5,000 members. Bitwork promises to help Elastos in a variety of areas. First they plan to arrange various workshops and educational forums, and push for corporate adoption as well as Marketing Elastos to their robust network to attract projects, users, and developers to utilize the platform.

The lead organizer of the project will be Daniel Wong. He graduated from Macquarie University in Sydney Australia and has 8 years of experience managing and planning events and marketing campaigns.  His skills in deal-making, community building and entrepreneurship will look to propel this prospective CR Region.

The team lays out the positive aspects of the Hong Kong Region: it plays home to half of the top 100 Fintech companies have operations in the region, a low tax regime, absence of capital restrictions, trusted and proven regulatory environment, and a highly favorable business environment.

A funding suggestion has already been submitted between Bitwork, Cyber Republic and the Dapp Dev Club in order to build a proper blockchain training course. There are already multiple parties interested in implementing these training courses into their program. Bitwork’s course is the only of its kind that can provide blockchain certifications endorsed by the Chinese Government.

Two milestones are laid out in order to accomplish their goals.

Their first milestone is centered around building a new Telegram group, starting a self-funded Supernode, developing a business partnership fund, and a wide scale marketing campaign through local media and outlets.

The second milestone is based on the Joint Hackathon and Developer Training event in June. Bitwork will be partnering with dApps Dev Club in organizing this event of many workshops and training courses in blockchain. The goal is to attract 250+ developers and 3 winning dApps that can be further considered by the CR. The team looks to continue funding in the other areas in Milestone 1 such as Business Development, Marketing and furthering the Telegram group.

Ultimately, Bitwork looks to be a multi-purpose Business Hub in Hong Kong for anything Elastos and CR related their “Plan and Execution” consists of launching a marketing program, dispersing promo materials, creating an active social media presence, business recruitment, project collaboration, and the Elastos in Training programs, amongst other tasks throughout the Hong Kong region.

Bitwork believes that the CR community should vote for them because they are a trusted source for Blockchain Consulting serves and promises that they’ll use their resources to further the Elastos product and brand. Please view and vote for or against Bitwork CR Community!

The CR Press team did an on-location interview with the Bitwork team, and we hope to release the footage soon.

Fomohunt, U.S.A. is a social platform for anything crypto and blockchain related. They pride themselves on being a community oriented website that connects people to crypto events, blockchain companies and professionals, and much more. Fomohunt works with some of the top incubators, media outlets, and event organizers globally which will be leveraged for overall growth in the CR ecosystem.

There are two main areas where Fomohunt can impact and grow the Elastos community: Blockchain Event Developer Co-Promotion and Sponsorships of Hackathons, and Community Events and Co-working spaces. Blockchain Event and Developer Co-Promotion pertains to marketing the Elastos brand to its robust community. This includes spreading news on development milestones, job postings, and other important updates. Fomohunt will co-sponsor one event (hackathon, community event) per month that will directly be tied to promoting the Elastos product and brand.

There are great synergies to be explored  between the CR and Fomohunt, as the Elastos community will benefit from having access to Fomohunt’s Global ambassadors, community organizers, and partner media sites. Their team has worked with such coins and events such as High Performance Blockchain, Cardano, MakerDao, Token 2049, Blockparty, and many others. They boast the advantages they have in the market which include their vast social network, minimal outside investment, flexible corporate structure, and extremely low overhead.

The project has proposed two milestones for their efforts. The first milestone starts with getting a sponsored High Profile Meetup at New York Blockchain week. Exposure will be at events such as Blockparty, Consensus, and Hxro.

The second milestone revolves around developing a new Monthly Meetup series that will connect Elastos to more businesses, influencers, and developers. Fomohunt then wants to sponsor a Hackathon in hopes of recruiting high quality developers onto the Elastos platform. Lastly, they would like to increase the developer recruitment by placing ads through their social media platforms, developer network, and job boards.

In terms of their Plan and Execution, Fomohunt has a lot of goals and aspirations. They will be looking to increase project development on the Elastos platform with a goal of 1 development per month in each of three regions: Americas, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Fomohunt plans to increase brand awareness, launch a wide scale marketing promotion, coordinate events with other complimentary blockchain projects along with tapping into their large network in order to connect Elastos with many businesses, developers, and communities.

Why should you vote for Fomohunt? They consider themselves the one stop shopping for community growth, marketing and branding. Fomohunt plans on utilizing all of their resources in order to further the CR and Elastos ecosystem. If you’d like to check out their suggestion, click on the link here:

Elastos Philippines

Elastos Philippines has been an active community member for the past year with Elastos and the CR. In fact, it was CR Press that interviewed their lead organizer, Krisha Amada, about her progress in the region. Elastos Philippines began October of 2018 when the team attended an event in Manila called Blockchain Fair Asia. They met with local and foreign blockchain professionals along with the leadership of NEM Philippines, with whom the team now has a cooperative arrangement.

The team boasts many accomplishments since late 2018. There have also been a few potential partnerships brewing through their active involvement. The team attended a handful of intriguing blockchain events in the region. DISH 2019 Hackathon was an event in which they co-sponsored three teams in pursuit of creating awareness for blockchain technology and the promotion of Elastos as one of the leading Blockchain networks.

The team also attended the Blockchain Innovation Tour. Several of Elastos Philippines partners attended this event including C. Estates, a NEM based real estate platform events facility for Blockchain events, Blockchain Space, a multi-functional wallet and token investment platform TagCash, and exchange LAToken. A couple of quality dApps showed potential interest in porting it’s dApp to Elastos Side Chains post ICOs. AVXchange is a peer to peer secure paid movie distribution platform and Ghostchat is a secure disappearing messages app. The team also met with some reps from Juan Exchange and DeFi, a lending platform.

In March of 2019 the team was invited to a Microsoft Developers Meetup in Makati. Elastos Philippines presented a short intro to blockchain technology including the types of skills needed to build on the Elastos platform. The team plans on increasing engagement with this group.

The team is led by Lead Organizer Krisha Amada. She graduated with a BS in Computer Science at STI College Global City. Krisha interned at Cognizant Technology Solutions and also served as a researcher for a US-based cryptocurrency investor. While researching projects, she learned about Elastos and decided to become more involved. Alex Timbol is the Senior Partnerships Manager who has experience in sales and marketing along with community development, public affairs and event management. Nicasio Aquino serves as the Developer Coach on the team. He co-founded a computer school in the Philippines and has experience in IT and Project Management.

The team’s core team responsibilities include networking, marketing, Community Development and Event Planning, and Participation. The team plans on keeping a close eye on the budding talent in the region. Elastos Philippines will promote the Elastos infrastructure for government programs in efforts to reach out to independent developers and content creators. Another key component in marketing is to assign merchandising rights to communities, like school organizations, so they can earn money by selling Elastos merchandise. The team will continue to develop relationships with existing agnostic blockchain communities and create more co-working spaces for blockchain development. More events are on the horizon as well such as the dApp Dev Club’s Developer training program.

There are a few initiatives that Elastos Philippines would like to execute for the May to end-of-July Milestones. First, the team needs funding for its Core Elastos Philippines Team and Marketing. Then there’s the dApp Dev Club Partnership in which the team looks to train developers in Elastos in a 10-session course and offer it to their community. Elastos Philippines also wants to become a sponsor for the Programmers, Developers Meetup in June. They hope to attract at least 50% of the developers at the event to join the Elastos Philippines.

The team’s Plan and Execution consists of marketing and promoting Elastos to the businesses, communities, developers, and others. They also seek to find collaborative partners that are suitable to work with. The team will look to incorporate the dApps Dev Club/Ethereum training course in order to attract developers onto the Elastos platform. They will keep a close eye on exchange listing partners as well.

Elastos Philippines sees its country as a massive marketplace for blockchain and its use cases. Elastos Philippines has executed their events on a low cost and efficient basis. Please read more about the Elastos Philippines CR Regions group here:


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