CR Press’ very own Amos T clears up the mist around Elastos’ new Leo project, a trusted computing enhancement for the already secure Elastos blockchain architecture.

Earlier this week, Song Bao (CEO of the Manhattan Project) released a statement on Elastos’ trusted computing solution Leo.

Beginning with data security and the current global state of affairs, Song segued into the topic of trusted computing and the much-discussed Leo project to finally announce the launch of the Leo community program.

Community initiators
Zhijun Zhang – Chief Information Security Architect, World Bank
Kevin Zhang – Senior Engineer, Silicon Valley
Feng Han – Cofounder of Elastos
Long Wang – Vice President of Tencent Cloud
Weimin Xin – Former MSN China CTO
Huabing Yan – Chief System Engineer, Huawei Intelligent Data and Storage
Yanqiang Shi – Founder & Chairman of BLOCK GLOBAL
Song Bao – CEO of Manhattan Project Fund
Xitao Wu – CEO of Red Brick Square
Jianing Yu – President of the Huobi University

Have a read here learn the basics of blockchain, trusted computing, and how Leo works on Elastos. Give this a watch to get a more thorough look at the technology and the inner workings of the latest Leo demo.


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