Science fiction is fast becoming science fact.  The quality of life for the majority of the world’s population has improved miraculously over the past hundred years.  It might be hard to imagine, but qualitatively, this is true.

Although a larger number still live in poverty with poor access to education, health care, and social mobility, the reality is that a greater global proportion are wealthier, healthier, happier and better educated than ever before.  Despite global pollution, corruption, conflict, and failing political and banking systems, there is much to rejoice in this world; perception depends on the lens used.

What was only dreamed of a century ago is now not only possible, but accessible to many: clean water, electricity, radio, healthy food, healthcare, banking, intercontinental air travel, human rights, voting equality and social mobility—a cashless, electronic, and immediate value transfer.  Admittedly, the advances in science and technology have not all been used for good especially when men (usually men) seek power through financial conflict or physical, destructive, aggression. What we can be sure of, however, is that what was once fiction is now fact.

Achieving these amazing advances has taken determination, persistence, nose-to-the-grindstone hard work, trial-and-error, collective effort and above all, resilience.  Those expecting overnight transformations, whether technological, social, commercial or economic, are often disappointed. There will always be set-backs. Revolutionary change takes time – and it’s best not to claim victory too early.

Bitcoin is only ten years old.

Although conceived nearly two decades ago, Elastos, using the Bitcoin blockchain to provide digital identity, is only one year old.  In that short time, so much has happened: Elastos developers have produced an SPV Wallet SDK, Elastos merged mining, Elastos Decentralised ID sidechain service, Elastos Carrier (deployed in a million internet enabled devices) and Elastos Dittobox.  This is all alive today. Following soon are: Elastos PoW + DPoS consensus, both Token and Smart Contract Sidechain Services, an Elastos storage system (Hive) and ElaPay for both commercial and individual use. The future for Elastos and a safer internet appears bright indeed if you look through the lens of technological accomplishment.

For those who look through the lens of current price (rather than value) or the lens of advertising effort (rather than prioritized marketing outcomes), or the lens of centralization (rather than distributed networks), the future may look less certain.  Worse even, if this bleak lens is shaded with fear and darkness. For those suffering, complaining about those working hardest to achieve tomorrow’s future is not only ineffective, but darkens the view for everyone involved. Instead, shining a light on the way ahead will motivate intrepid explorers, scientists, and all others. It is the clap and yell of a runner’s name during their marathon that provides renewed energy.  It is the warmth of a kind word that gives strength to a community. Rather than energize the negative, focus on what has been achieved and what is being built today. This lens of progress brings useful context to the bear market.

As a talented but youthful Cyber Republic, we have much to learn.   There is opportunity for all to contribute to the success of Elastos by generating real-world products and real clients.  In what is becoming a diverse and inclusive Cyber Republic, we hold the future with our hearts and hands; our will is shaped by our collective actions to build.



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