Disturbing news from the Microsoft camp.

After a short two-year tenure, Microsoft has closed the book category in their e-store, April, 2019. Starting this month, e-books bought through the platform will no longer be available to their owners—this applies to downloaded free books as well. 

The controversial move serves as a firm reminder that at this time, we simply may not own the assets we purchase and companies are free to reclaim or destroy or restrict access  to them as they like. And it’s not just books; items such as movies, music, and even software could meet the same fate.

As should be expected, Microsoft is giving complete refunds. This includes $25 additional credit to the user’s account for those that will also lose their in-book notes.

Microsoft’s actions, metaphorically, is akin to barging into residences, destroying personal libraries, and compensating patrons for their troubles. 

As if we needed another reason why Elastos and similarly inclined projects need to be up and running as soon as possible to grant individuals true ownership to their digital property.  Big companies are constantly testing the boundaries of digital property rights and inadvertently pushing users towards better solutions, like blockchain technology. 

Elastos and ecosystem partner DMA, will change the landscape of digital assets by making sure assets are truly owned by users, even allowing for the reselling of digital assets peer to peer, a telltale sign of ownership. Popular blockchain project NEO (another project that puts an emphasis on digital assets) will have its own side-chain on the Elastos’ Main Net starting later this month.

Speaking of books… which are made of paper… from trees… Did you know that ELAForestNode (proud sponsor of CR Press) is planning to plant a million trees by 2025?


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