New CR Forum

Following the important announcement on December 26, 2018, one of the key changes was the introduction of a new Cyber Republic forum.  Launched on December 31, 2018, it is live at This forum is a place where community members can voice their concerns, as well as openly promote the exchange of ideas and knowledge.

As the new forum is accessible by all community from all countries, we encourage and welcome everyone to join and participate in the new forum.

This week, we’d like to introduce you to two features on our new forum: the FAQ section and Badges.

FAQ Section

On the top right hand corner is the FAQ.  It provides simple community guidelines which help build a safe, fun, and sustainable community.  Here is a summary of major points:

  • Search old topics before creating a new topic.
  • Be respectful.  Remember: you can be critical of ideas, but don’t criticize the person. Avoid unhealthy responses and conversations such as name-calling, knee-jerk reactions, and ad hominem attacks.
  • Participate in discussions that are beneficial to the community.  Be sure to make full use of the tools in the forum (like flags, replies, etc.) that improve the user experience.
  • Bad behavior should be flagged instead of replied to. Accruing enough flags will trigger automatic removal or moderator intervention. Moderators have the right to remove any content and any user’s account for any reason at any time.
  • Keep the forum clean.  Avoid posting anything obscene or sexually explicit, and avoid spamming.
  • Rather than posting “+1” or “Agreed”, use the Like Button. It keeps the forum uncluttered.  Rather than taking an existing topic into a radically different direction, use “Reply as a Linked Topic.”
  • Post your own stuff. Don’t put yourself at the risk of stealing someone’s intellectual property (e.g. software, vidoe, audio, images).


The purpose of the badges is to acknowledge and encourage certain desired behaviours. There are some restrictions on what new users can do on the forum. Restrictions will be lifted and more functions are granted once a user achieves higher levels of trust from the badges. Currently, there are 4 categories of badges with a total of 50 badges to be awarded!

Getting Started

The badges here are mainly to guide a new user on how to use the basic functions and tools in the forum. When they first post, edit, use an emoji, flag, or reply by email, they are awarded with a badge. Once they have mastered advanced tools of discussion, they get a badge called, “Licensed” representing the successful completion of the interactive user tutorial.


These are the badges that reflect the level of your participation in the forum. The more you visit the forum and like posts, the more unique the badges get. For instance, using 50 likes in a day, 20 times, gets the “Crazy in Love” badge.


These badges recognize how popular and valuable an external link is when posted in the forum. More clicks, more badges.


These are the badges that acknowledge the level of trust and respect you’ve gained. If you have read the FAQ section, you will be awarded the “Read Guidelines” badge. As of today, we have 196 users registered, but only a handful of users (i.e. 20) have achieved this badge. Hopefully, now that you know, you’ll pick up your new badge soon.

The series of badges that allow access to more functions of the forum is when your trust level is higher. There are 4 levels of trust: Basic, Member, Regular, and Leader.

  • Basic – Reach trust level 1. Granted all essential community abilities such as personal messaging, flagging, wiki editing, and the ability to post multiple images and links.
  • Member – Reach trust level 2. Granted for participating over a period of weeks. You can send invitations from user pages or individual topics, create group personal messages and have more likes per day.
  • Regular – Reach trust level 3. Granted for being one of the most active readers and reliable contributors. You can now recategorize and rename topics, take advantage of more powerful spam flags, access a private lounge area and give more likes per day.
  • Leader – Reach trust level 4. Granted for being a leader in the community as selected by the staff.  Set a positive example for the rest of the community with your words and actions and you’ll surely reach this level. You have the ability to edit all posts, take common topic moderator actions such as pin, close, unlist, archive, split, and merge.


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