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Coming off a historic 9 to 3 vote pass to burn 80% of the 16.3 million ELA CR Fund, it’s been business as usual for the 12-seat CRC. A national marketing proposal has also just passed that will spread the message about Elastos and Cyber Republic.

The team has “identified, selected, and agreed to mutual terms with a prominent and highly esteemed PR & Marketing Agency that specializes in the Blockchain space and has an abundance of elite clients in addition to a strong track record of landing content on top-tier high-traffic publications and platforms. Clients include names such as:

  • BitTorrent 
  • Bancor
  • Huobi
  • NEO
  • Matic Network” will be the middleman between CR and the PR Agency in exchanging funds for services. The team and PR Agency answered CRC member questions in a comprehensive document that was written, breaking down details on the proposal. The agreement is as follows:

“10 Deliverable + 3 Reddit Campaigns, after a 50% up-front payment. Funds will be paid to the agency upon the successful publication of each Deliverable. Article and media hits that are republished or syndicated to large publication (1 Million monthly views according to SimilarWeb) will count as a “hit” (Deliverable).”

The cost of the complete CR Expansion Marketing Campaign is $15,000. $7,500 will be provided to the PR Agency up front. In the event the Deliverables aren’t met then the initial payment will be refunded and the second payment suspended. 

Two CRC members, Tyro Lee and Yipeng Su, abstained from the voting due to not thinking it’s the right amount of ELA and the lack of clarity of the goal and expenditure of the proposal. Some members of the Chinese Moderator seat didn’t receive enough clarity about what would happen if the PR Agency failed. However,  “The two viewpoints proceed from different angles, have different focuses, and both have certain truths. Therefore, the final opinion given by our team after discussion is abstention.” 

Ela Cloud with a contrarian vote states, “There are a large number of ELA in the total expenditure of publicity expenses, and there is a regulatory risk of one-off expenditure. It is not necessary to spend so much ELA when the infrastructure is not good enough”. 

The rest of the CRC has voted “Yes”, making up the 8 votes needed to pass. Many members want to take advantage of the positive momentum of late. These developments are intertwining with Elastos’ 3rd Anniversary, approaching in August. 

PR and Marketing is needed for these momentous events. The community will have seven days to vote with their ELA to deny the proposal. 10% of the circulating ELA supply is needed to negate a vote passed by CRC. 

The CRC, one of the three consensus mechanisms for Elastos, is making big decisions and is quickly building consensus for the future of Elastos. Marketing has been highly debated in the past regarding.

As stated in the proposal by the Elastos Info team, “Our message is powerful, and our selling points are strong; but we need help getting the word out – and that starts with accepting that we need help getting the word out.” 

The pedigree and professionalism of the PR Agency should bring great awareness to the Elastos project. Stay tuned for more proposals underway, such as the new Chainlink and Elastos integration.


The total budget of this passed proposal is 11043 ELA.

This is an exciting time for Elastos and Cyber Republic. Make sure to follow CR Press closely.


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