You may be asking, “Why do we need yet another CR website?  What’s the point? Where is this going?”

Kenneth K., team lead of the CR Press team explains:

“Traffic generation is key to bringing in more members to the community.  For instance, the number one referrer to Elastos is CoinMarketCap, and the number one referrer to the CR is Elastos’ main website.  This isn’t enough, and we need a better way.

“Resources, education, news, and media represents some of most powerful mechanisms to generating traffic and attention to websites.  It should be obvious that throughout history, the power of the press is massive toward any global change. It is in this that we’ve decided to create a dedicated website for CR News and Information.  Eventually, we even plan on integrating general crypto and technology news as well. Why? Because one of the beautiful things about the Cyber Republic is that by its very name, there’s no direct association with Elastos but is more focused on the modern internet.

“Because of this, we can take full advantage of the CR name.  Readers curious about any subject we write about can engage with our content, linking and sharing it as an independent article, without feeling immediate bias of being associated with any particular blockchain project.  Instead, they will read articles that may, yes, contain CR and Elastos news, but as we grow into publishing any interesting news related to crypto and technology, and we build a devoted readership just like any newspaper or magazine, our readers will already have the soil of their minds tilled to understand the vision of Elastos.

“Additionally, the weekly content has continued to expand rapidly, and we no longer can sustain the amount of news coming in.  This website will allow us to publish more content and more frequently with more variety, and as another benefit, we expect content to be submitted to us through this website as members of the CR ecosystem begin to recognize us as a high-value resource.

“Our goal is to addict our readers, and our website was designed for them to ‘go down the rabbit hole’ and never escape.  By generating new traffic through our articles, we will be the first-step–the gateway for investors, developers, and consumers into Elastos and CR websites, dapps, and communities.

“I believe that from this page, which is to be an independent and massively important division of the CR ecosystem, we can become the voice of the New Internet.”

Amos, Web Developer and Admin shares his philosophy behind the new website:

“The CR Press Website is not your typical news outlet. The internet has given birth to many industries. It is has allowed humans to connect and share information nearly real-time. Of all the things that we can achieve via innovative methods that leverage the internet, the internet itself only really serves one purpose: that is to facilitate the ability for humans to effectively and efficiently communicate.

“To communicate is one of the fundamental driving forces behind all progress. Imagine if we were capable of all our cognitive functions minus the ability to communicate. We would not be able to pass life lessons on generation to generation.  Human progress would die with each individual. This is a lesson nature has learned well as DNA communicates the very fabric of human existence across generations. DNA is, essentially, the ‘generational language’ of the universe.

“What happens, then, when the platforms of communication are hijacked?  We’ve seen examples of this through history with oppressive regimes that use media outlets to spread propaganda, ‘uploading’ their propaganda to our minds under the guise of a ‘trusted source’ and through ‘reputable figures’.

“We are aiming to achieve something unique–a news source embodying the tenets of ethical journalism, and yet also sustained by the collective efforts of the Cyber Republic Citizens.

“We are creating a news platform influenced only by the collective efforts of all mankind and not just ONE man or ONE kind.”

Jeremy G., Senior Writer for the Press Team shares his thoughts as well:

“What is the Cyber Republic to me? It’s about opening yourself up to a world of endless possibilities. The Cyber Republic News site gets my juices flowing with excitement from the vivid imagery of Founder Rong Chen to the neat destinations and intriguing spectacles.

“As a reader, I can access all the Weekly Newsletters in the past months as well as the individual articles. If I wanted to contribute to the CR ecosystem, I could select the “Get Involved” tab, create a suggestion in order to seek funding, and within moments I’ve literally gotten involved on a journey that could be as endless as my dreams.

“As a member of the Cyber Republic, I have my one-stop shopping for all content regarding CR and Elastos, as well as a portal to get to the Cyber Republic website and be active. There are many talented people in the CR community with strong networks behind them.

“By pooling our resources into this new website, sharing information about any cool projects or news that’s CR related, this will be a destination for all community members who want to get information straight from the source in an unbiased and thorough way.  The CR is an ocean of possibilities with people from all countries, color, and creed. This new website opens the user’s mind to the endless possibilities CR provides to the everyday person.”


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