Elastos Philippines is happy to have sent a delegation to BIT 2019 led by Philippines Community Organizer Krisha Anne Amada, Partners Manager Alex Timbol, Dev Coaches Nic Aquino and Michael Lance, and three young devs.

Making our presence felt at these events is strategic for future collaboration. Several of our friends also attended: major sponsor C.Estates, a NEM based real estate platform, Blockchain Space, an events facility for blockchain events, TagCash, a multifunctional wallet and token investment platform, and exchange LAToken.

LAToken was represented by both Philippine and Indonesian representatives, the latter being a friend of Elastos Indonesian Community Organizer.

The quality of a networking event is in the complementary mix of participants, and we met four with whom we could pursue future partnerships: AVXchange, a peer to peer paid movie distribution platform, Ghostchat, a secure, disappearing messages app, Juan Exchange, a planned crypto exchange,  and DeFi (Distributed Finance), a concept to provide platform lending to the masses.

Juan Exchange, AVXchange, and Ghostchat are pre-ico late alpha–early beta applications built on blockchains.  Because both are nearing their launches and ICOs, they are committed to blockchains, but will consider porting to compatible Elastos sidechains post ICOs.

Elastos sidechain offers ease of programming with existing blockchain tools, plus the added security of Elastos network features like merged mining, digital identity, digital asset, and carrier.




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