Many are infatuated with the technology Elastos has to offer. The community is excited about the future of the Cyber Republic and its aspirations of becoming an autonomous, borderless society, run democratically by its citizens. There is more to be excited about, however. The dApps being built on top of Elastos will form the foundation of the Cyber Republic. One of these major pillars in the ecosystem is called, “Titan”.

As stated in the End of Year Report:

“The project offers a decentralized storage and transport network designed to support a wide range of decentralized ecosystems.” The CR News team was fortunate enough to speak with the Titan CEO. He shared the benefits of Titan product and services, its vision for the future and its challenges, the team and how Titan will interact with the Cyber Republic and Elastos.

“Titan is a decentralized CDN (Content Distribution Network). A CDN is a group of servers distributed throughout regions which expedite transfers of assets needed for loading content on the internet such as images, video, and HTML pages. Titan’s CDN gives the same service as a traditional one however it’s only 20-25% the cost. Also, IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) is one of the leaders in peer-to-peer file storage. Titan’s proprietary peer-to-peer algorithm is 100 times faster than IPFS, and it’s compatible with a large number of storage devices including mobile phones, TV’s, routers, and more. Titan will be compatible with Elastos Hive, which will only enhance storage capabilities of the Elastos network.”

There are some challenges in improving the performance of CDN and making sure the user experience stays the same, if not better, in the process. Titan’s CEO further explains, “The biggest challenge for Titan is how to balance the user experience and cost and between efficiency and decentralization.  As a traditional technology, P2P has been tagged with low cost but low quality. Titan has a lot of innovation that includes encoding/decoding, distributed storage, and multiple streaming protocols. With all these innovations, Titan can provide its customers with same performance as CDN, and with much better fluency.” Titan’s technology clearly sets them apart from the other P2P services around the globe and provides them with a significant competitive advantage, while maintaining decentralization and boasting discounted rates compared to others in the CDN field.

We are almost on the verge of a 5G network era where there will be even more bandwidth costs to transfer files and store data. The Titan CEO is well aware of this transformation and realizes that normal CDN will not be able to keep up. He explains further, “On the cloud side, data volume is increasing dramatically and on terminal side, access bandwidth will increase 10~100 times in 5G era. I don’t think traditional CDN is the best option on both a technical and economical front. Titan aims to provide a much better solution by using P2P technology to leverage edge devices everywhere.” The edge devices he speaks of are any devices that provide an entry point into a service provider’s core network, such as a router. Titan will provide the Cyber Republic top notch decentralized file distribution for the future!

What’s Titan doing right now, and how and when will it incorporate its technology into the Elastos infrastructure? Titan already has a healthy amount of clients with more on the way. The CEO explains its current operations along with future prospects, “Titan has released a commercial version, and several serious customers have deployed our technology. We also have one potential customer that is testing our technology to support more than 0.6 billion end-users.” Yes, you heard that correctly, a potential 600 million users could be supported using the Titan technology.

And what about Elastos integration? The commercial version of Titan does not have the Elastos technology integrated, however in the next version of Titan, Elastos infrastructure will be implemented. This latest version is set to come out in one month’s time. Titan does have current integration with the Shiju TV Elastos box, a big hit in China with over one million boxes sold.

Titan’s CEO excitedly explains more about the relationship between them and Elastos, “We plan to work closely with Elastos after next version of Titan is released. I believe Elastos technology (like DID and Carrier) and community are a good plus for Titan. Elastos can integrate Titan project and provide an enriched service to Elastos community and customers.” The Titan Network serves both the blockchain and traditional communities.

How about the team? Titan has an experienced core team that comes from some of the biggest companies in the world such as Alibaba, Huawei, and Intel. The CEO invested in Titan as an angel investor. He became such a big believer in the technology and the team that he joined Titan as CEO full-time.  He shares his education and work experience, “I graduated from Tsinghua University in 2000. I’d worked in a big Smart card company as a core developer of Card Operating System. During that time, I immigrated and implemented several encryption algorithms. I founded a software service company to provide onsite and offshore services for big companies. It was then that I went to Tsinghua University to earn my MBA. After graduation, I founded another company to provide sourcing and procurement consulting service, which was acquired after 4 years, and I worked as COO for a big state owned internet company for 2 years. From 2018, I started to invest in blockchain and I migrated to the Titan team”. In the past 18 years, the Titan CEO has accomplished so many things, and he is eager to do more for Titan–and in turn, the Elastos and Cyber Republic community.

Ultimately, big companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Netflix rely on CDN’s to serve its web traffic. Titan has game-changing technology that has and will revolutionize file distribution and storage as we know it. With Elastos and Cyber Republic being partners of Titan, it will boost the ecosystem by epic proportions. The community of the CR will reap the benefits of being able to send content peer-to-peer in a quick, easy, and affordable fashion, with all the security of Elastos blockchain technology. All the building blocks are being formed in order to create an infrastructure for the new Smart Web. Titan is just one of the crucial ecosystem partners of Elastos that will bring the CR into the next frontier of the new internet.


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