Proposal #138: Community Management Team

By Jeremy

Elastos Moderator Pmhee555 recently submitted a Proposal regarding the Elastos Community Management team for the English-speaking community. The team includes moderators for Telegram, Reddit, the CR forum, and two community managers.

Pmhee555 and TI will act as the Community Managers, and they will be the primary intermediaries between community needs and the Elastos Foundation.  They will forward valuable ideas and business leads, accumulate community suggestions to the EF and CR Council/Secretariat on a weekly/monthly basis, strategize with EF Communications and CR News teams, manage Community Moderators, and provide important feedback to developers on issues related to Supernodes, wallets, and Elastos Technology. 

Representing the rest of the team will be Michael S, N^2, Austrader, Murph, and Multastoy, who act as Telegram moderators, and Dave who will run the Elastos subreddit and CR forum.  These members provide constant, 24/7 monitoring of Elastos communities on all social media platforms, directly spread important news through social media outlets (soon to include Blockfolio Signal), streamline communication between the CRC and EF and the community, and provide individual support to community members. 

A budget was included in this Proposal in which there is a breakdown of each member’s compensation and allocated roles. For October, the team is asking for $12,000 for two full-time Community Managers and up to seven part-time Community Moderators. The interim CR Council is currently considering this Proposal.



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