Rong Chen, the founder of the Elastos project, graced his presence to the community in the unofficial Telegram group, ELA Republic. We at CR Press wants to thank Jon Snow for coordinating this event.

Rong started off talking about the progress Elastos Core team has made recently. The achievement of Designated Proof of Stake in s a big milestone for the Elastos Foundation. He’s very content with how the community has come together with hosting Supernodes and adding the additional layer to DPoS.

Mr. Chen went on to discuss the roadmap of Elastos. He mentioned the beta version of Trinity Browser would be coming soon in Q3. The Elastos Core team looks to have a “rough architecture” of the Smart Web in Q3 as well with Ethereum and NEO Side Chains set to be on the Main Net in July. Rong also spoke about how the CRC elections would start sometime in Q3 as well. Candidates shall emerge and the community should get an idea of who they will look to vote for come Q4. By Q1 of 2020 Rong believes the CRC will be up and running and be fully autonomous running.

One of the main themes of his talk was centered around the overall philosophy of the Elastos Foundation and what it ultimately stands for. He mentioned that marketing and exchanges were not the focus nor responsibility of the Elastos Foundation. Their time and energy has been and will be spent on building the new smart web. The goal of the team is to have everyone in the world be able to successfully and easily monetize their own digital assets on Elastos. An even bigger vision for the Elastos team is building a new economy. Rong mentioned that people should not look at Elastos Foundation as a conglomerate or institution. They don’t give out dividends so people should not think that they are investing in a company. “Elastos isn’t a casino,” Rong explained.

Rong felt encouraged by the partneships Elastos has made in order to build and grow the new smart web. He mentioned Viewchains’s 700,000 DID’s that are being tested in Myanmar. He also discussed Titan’s 10,000 DID’s implemented in some of the million TV boxes dispersed mostly in the East. These are nice steps in the right direction taken in order to start adoption of DID’s. Rong stated that he welcomes big corporations like FoxConn or Microsoft to help Elastos in their pursuit of the new Smart Web but is not going out of their way to bring them in. He explicitly said that the team will not be swayed by other Web 3.0 projects and their direction and vision is very clear and they have a path to get there.

One of the main interests of Rong is the creation of dApps on top of Elastos. He states that the idea of a dApp is to have an autonomous running website that cannot get shut down. Rong and the team envisions a new internet that is not run by one business, corporation of sole entity. They see it as a decentralized autonomous engine that keeps running for all people to utilize whenever they please.

Rong also discussed some personal experiences in the past about working with Microsoft, learning about Bitcoin for the first time, getting a scholarship to study in the states, amongst other fun anecdotes. We at CR Press would like to thank Rong Chen for taking almost 2 hrs to speak directly to the community with his open and honest feelings and thoughts. We feel your passion and drive and look forward to helping you build the Smart Web together as a strong community.



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