To the international community, there is often a mystery surrounding the Chinese Community.  We decided to put together a brief Q&A with Chinese Community Social Media managers.

  1. What are the means by which Chinese social media platforms collect community news?
  • Communicate with the core team, follow the team’s news on technical progress, events and meetings;
  • Hold weekly meetings on select topics. The topic of the first half of the year is “networks that are going live” and the progress of these related technologies;
  • The community moderators communicate on a regular basis, and some ideas generated become news sources;
  • Collect information from the Elastos community WeChat groups, various social media platforms, blockchain media, and related activities.
  • There are community management teams and media support teams for the Chinese Community & PR. We have a dedicated community reward scheme to encourage community members and media involved in community operations to promote and spread messages. There are also regular online meetup to sync the latest development of Elastos and to unify the aims of promotion.
  • There is a hosted “ELA Talk” for the community every week. Guests are invited to share and interact with the community. Recent topics focus on the introduction of the nodes.
  1. How do the social media platforms increase readership? Are there ideas or plans to reach more potential readers?

To draw attention of fans, the main focus is to provide quality articles and content.

Operational aspects:

  • Organizing events during festivals or major holidays;
  • Interact with community members and organize community discussions such as ELA Discussion as well as weekly ELA Talk in which different guests are invited to share their knowledge to the community;
  • Posting articles on various social platforms (including but not limited to blockchain media platforms) and community media platforms. Currently there are 38 platforms altogether.


  • Articles: producing articles that provide technical guidance for developers, and simple and clear introductory explanations for non-developers;
  • Video: producing an easy-to-understand series of videos, “Mini Lectures on Elastos”. The viewership of this series is close to 50,000 views. Some quality videos by overseas communities will also be translated to help members of Chinese and International communities.

In other blockchain-oriented media, we release articles on Elastos to attract potential parties to understand Elastos. We also cooperate with other projects, such as FishChain, in which people from different communities can be found. They have gathered quite a number of users.

  1. How do social media platforms communicate, share, and run?
  • Community media exchange meetings: We inform community media partners about our recent technology developments and key development directions. We also evaluate the community media every month. Currently, the community management team will give scores according to the promotion methods, promotion efforts, platform activity, platform operation quality and data authenticity;
  • Give scores to the community articles according to content originality, content quality, page views, etc., and facilitate the sharing of experience in communicating with the media platforms;
  • At present, our community managers coordinate and organize the work of the community media. The work of different community media will be reviewed and evaluated as a whole;
  • Keep in touch with the overseas communities, and inform each other in advance of major news, and participate in the further communication and interaction.
  1. How does the Chinese Cyber Republic social media team function?

The Chinese community and media team consists of two writers and translators, one media manager, one community manager, one designer, 39 community moderators serving 36 community groups and 100,000 community members.

At present, there is an open reward system for Chinese community management and media platform to support the operation of community management teams and media platforms.

For community management, we have recruited members from the community who are willing to actively participate in the development of Elastos community, and we reward them according to their contribution and the quality of the community they have worked. Community moderators are continuously selected according their participation in community management, their characters and personality and how actively they are involved.

They play the role to establish trust and act as a bridge in the management and communication of the community. Everyone’s personality and values ??are basically the same, and they are friends who can be trusted and can share on any topic. Everyone treats the moderators similar to family members and talk to each other without obstacles. We also discuss various topics and point of views that appear in the community, and comes up with community management strategy. The community management rewards mainly make reference on increment of community members, participation, contents, etc. mainly to evaluate the statistics from relevant quantitative indicators and the mutual evaluation of community moderators.

For the media platforms, there are media platforms from the blockchain industry, and there are also platforms built by community members. Every two weeks, community moderators will gather to communicate, evaluate and rank the performance according to the operation of the media platforms in various aspects so as to make the corresponding rewards. Reference are made to the originality of the content of the article, the quality of the content, how wide it spreads, page views and the number of new members drawn, etc.


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