Cyber Republic Suggestion #173: Sponsorship and Participation at INBLOCKS 2019

By Jeremy

Elastos community moderator, Multastoy, recently wrote up a Suggestion for Elastos to participate at an  event in Indonesia called INBLOCKS 2019.

A blockchain week will be held in the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, from November 18-22. The highlight event during the blockchain week will be the INBLOCKS conference which will occur on November 19th and 20th. INBLOCKS will focus on educating enterprises and the public on sustainable development and enterprise adoption of blockchain technology in Indonesia. 

There are a handful of goals Multastoy is looking to achieve in the Suggestion. He would like Elastos’ VP of Development, Clarence Liu, to do a 30-minute presentation at the conference and participate as an expert panelist. Elastos would also have a booth at the event in efforts to increase overall brand awareness of Elastos technology to the blockchain community and entrepreneurs. There will be a target of 10 leads based on the event’s targeted audience of 500+ attendees. Multastoy will lead this initiative at blockchain week in Indonesia. 

As a leader of the Indonesia CR Region, Multastoy sees significant untapped potential in the area. Indonesia has the 4th most populated area in the world and almost a $1 trillion GDP. The Indonesian government has adopted a positive stance on blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency trading is legal under commodity trading laws. Indonesia has a very tech savvy population with 117.9 million mobile users, 132.7 million internet users, and 130 million active social media users. All of these facts give enough motivation to get a foothold in this growing and prosperous region of Indonesia. 

The budget for this Suggestion is $5,000 USD (2,778 ELA) to pay for a Gold Sponsorship at INBLOCKS 2019. This sponsorship includes a 3x3m exhibition booth, logo (feature) on the welcome booklet, logo (feature) on registration table, logo (feature) on event backdrop and stage, logo (feature) on INBLOCKS website, two mentions on social media, introduction during the opening ceremony, a thirty minute keynote presentation, and, if possible, a position as a panelist.

The final signing date for INBLOCKS 2019 is October 30, 2019. 

Any community members interested  in Multastoy’s Suggestion may vote and comment in order to move it into the Proposal stage for the interim Council to vote on.



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