Suggestion #180: ProBit Elastos Korea Expansion Plan

By Jeremy

In efforts to expand in the South Korea region, Suggestion #180 proposes the Cyber Republic and Elastos ecosystems join forces with the ProBit Korea exchange and other South Korean blockchain media outlets.  

The Suggestion is to pursue a joint marketing venture, increase brand awareness, and boost the number of total users.  Along with strengthening the ELA South Korea community and increasing the number of South Korean users, ProBit will increase Elastos’ presence on the top South Korean search engine, Navar.

ProBit is a legally compliant local South Korean exchange that has experienced rapid growth in Asia since its inception in late 2018. ProBit has conducted more than 100 IEO’s and boasts a fast and stable trading engine that can match up to 1.5 million orders per second. The South Korean exchange has around 100,000 users total with a large daily trading community of 10,000.

ProBit Global

ProBit Korea

ProBit on CoinMarketCap

ProBit would like to host a trading competition on its exchange to market Elastos to their community. The trading pairs that will be included in this contest are ELA/KRW and ELA/USDT. The top ten winners of the competition will split a prize pool of 2500 ELA with the top prize being 562.5 ELA. The contest will repeat 2 weeks after completion with another 2500 ELA to be divvied up amongst the top ten ELA traders on the exchange.

The next phase of the Suggestion includes an exclusive marketing partnership with Coinpan, South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency forum. Coinpan will release viral marketing posts on Elastos’ behalf. There will also be a cooperation with top technology, economy, and blockchain media to enhance Elastos branding in the region. The cost of this phase would total 5,000 ELA.

Here is a similar event ProBit held for another cryptocurrency project, ProximaX.

The total ELA requested in this Suggestion is 10,000 ELA. Please visit the Suggestion page in order to like, dislike, or comment on it.


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