Summary of KP’s Elastos Development Update April, 2020

VP of Technology and member of Tuum Technology Kiran Pachhai (KP) presented a demonstration of the newly released developer portal in this video which includes all Elastos projects updates, milestones, etc. 

KP began with a discussion on the main chain and various sidechains:

  • The Elastos main chain will have an important update this month in April in preparation for the CRC Elections; the Elastos main chain will be fully coded to manage CRC proposals between CRC and Elastos community members. 
  • The next update for DID side chains is estimated to be in August, 2020. One of the most interesting features is the deactivation of DID. If an ELA holder loses his/her private key, a delegated separate DID can deactivate the first DID. 
  • The next ETH side chain update is also expected in August, 2020. Some features include supporting Solidity v0.5x and will support ETH v1.9.7.

Kiran then discussed Elastos SDK’s:

  • On April 15, the DID SDK will be adopted on Swift and iOS. 
  • The last update of Hive’s SDK was on March 25th. KP explained a few cool features on Hive. The ability to interact with IPFS along with other personalized cloud drives like Microsoft ONE and, in the future, dropbox, were a couple of the interesting updates. Hive was released on Java and Swift in early April with others coming soon, like MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS. 
  • Carrier, Elastos’ peer to peer autonomous network, will have updates soon on Java/Android/Swift. 
  • Last but not least, the WebRTC SDK will have updates in the end of April. These features will include audio/video capabilities that can apply to Carrier. KP suggested that developers could use these tools and infrastructure to build a Zoom rival video chat dApp (given recent privacy concerns).

KP also broke down some updates regarding native apps on Elastos:

  • The ELA Wallet will have updates on iOS in April. Most of the updates will relate to DID and CRC functionality (May is when full CRC support is expected). ETH support in the wallet is expected in June. 
  • The newly released elastOS browser on Android includes several features like DID, DPoS, Carrier plugins, and more. Updates will be provided each month on elastOS. In May, users will be able to log into elastOS with their DIDs. elastOS on desktop is expected in June. 

Three websites have been built by the Elastos Foundation:,, and

KP broke down the Nucleus Console website for the community:

  • He, along with George Mason University, created the website to lighten the load on developers to build on top of Elastos. 
  • On April 2nd, Nucleus Console came out with several new features. The website allows the developer to interact with Elastos services with seamless switching between main and test nets. Ultimately, developers can accomplish all their tasks through the Nucleus Console website. 

Finally, KP briefly addressed Elastos’ Smart Web Services. The GRPC tools allow developers to interact with Elastos private/main nets with various programming languages.

Kiran plans to provide these updates every month. Stay tuned for the next video soon!

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